How Bergoglio Finally Got Elected Pope

[How Bergoglio Finally Got Elected Pope]

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” – 10/18/17

All Secrets of the 2005 Conclave Revealed: [Bergoglio Came in Second All the Time]

Giuseppe Savà published on the scores of the 2005 conclave that elected Benedict XVI. According to Savà, the candidates who in the first ballot received more than one vote (out of 115), were:

Ratzinger 47
Bergoglio 10
Martini 9
Ruini 6
Sodano 4
Maradiaga 3
Tettamanzi 2.

In order to be elected 77 votes were necessary.

Second vote:

Ratzinger 65
Bergoglio 35
Sodano 4
Tettamanzi 2

Third vote:

Ratzinger 72
Bergoglio 40

Bergoglios 40 votes would have stalled Ratzinger from reaching a necessary two-thirds majority and opened the path for a third candidate. But before the fourth vote Bergoglio asked in tears to be exonerated from continuing.

Fourth vote:

Ratzinger 84 (elected)
Bergoglio 26

Before the conclave, the cardinals promise under oath not to reveal any information from the conclave.

How Bergoglio Was Elected: [With the Competition Eliminated (by Benedict’s Resignation) It Was Clear Sailing at the Next Conclave]

Giuseppe Savà published on details on how Cardinal Bergoglio was elected pope. According to Savà Bergoglio received from the start a relative majority of the votes while the second placed, Milan Cardinal Scola, never exceeded 30. In the following ballots the votes from the Curia cardinals shifted from Scherer to Bergoglio. In the fourth ballot, the North American cardinals voted for Bergoglio who got stuck at 50 votes. Before the fifth ballot there was a “technical pause”. Bergoglio was asked whether, unlike in the 2005 conclave, he would be willing to accept an election, and he said yes. In the fifth election, he received 90 out of 114 votes.

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