Baptism Is Not About Transgender

Baptism Is Not About Transgender

[Despite a 2015 decision by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that it is “impossible” for a “transgendered” person to be a godparent, because transgendering and a person who undergoes such do not conform to Catholic faith and practice, the Catholic Church in Quebec is “mulling” about that matter]

From Gloria.TV News for 10/9/17

Catholic News Service which belongs the the U.S. Bishops has published a strange article about quote “transgender godparents”. The article refers to a transvestite called “Andrea” using consistently female pronouns although Andrea is a man from his birth. Andrea has been asked to be a – quote – “Catholic godmother” and Catholic News Service is reporting about his cause, [concerning which the Vice Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Montreal says, “If a transgender (person) is able to live her faith and continues to assume her biological sexual identity, this person can meet the criteria to become a godparent.”] Since baptism is not about “transgender” the obvious question is: Why does Andrea not agree to become a godfather?

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4 comments on “Baptism Is Not About Transgender

  1. Why does Andrea not agree to become a godfather?

  2. Ha! That’s what they said about the divorced and civilly remarried receiving Holy Communion. What a joke! How can anyone take the Catholic Church seriously on anything?? Give it enough time, what is “impossible” will become possible. Just wait….


    Dawn, a transgender woman, atheist, ex-Catholic

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