Worst Blasphemy Ever from Fr. James Martin

Posted by TTC (The Tenth Crusade) on Sunday, October 8, 2017

Worst Blasphemy Ever from Fr. James Martin

Fr. James Martin promotes Christ as a Queer.

On October 7, 2017, James Martin, SJ, posted an article by University of San Diego Professor Emily Reimer-Barry to his official Facebook timeline.

This is the kind of theology Pope Francis has chosen to have communicated and sanctioned as his:

Reimer-Barry quotes a prayer from Patrick Cheng’s book “Rainbow Theology.” According to Cheng, one of the goals of the book is to “rethink the enterprise of Christian theology by moving the experiences of LGBTIQ people of color from the margins to the center.”

Here are some excerpts from Cheng’s “Queer Christ:”

“Over the last few decades, many LGBT theologians have written about the Queer Christ. That is, they have responded to Jesus’ question of “who do you say that I am?,” in the same way in which theologians from other identity groups have written about the Black Christ, the Feminist Christ, the Asian Christ, and the contextual Christs. Thus, the primary implication of a move to a Christ-centered model of sin and grace for LGBT people is to place the Queer Christ at the center of thinking about sin and grace. In other words, both sin and grace are defined in terms of the Queer Christ.”

“If sin is conformity, then grace in the context of the Transgressive Christ can be understood as deviance, or the transgression of social, legal, and one’s religious boundaries and norms.”
“I have often thought that my own queerness has been an incredible gift of grace from God.”
“…as a manifestation of the grace of mutuality in light of the Erotic Christ. The grace of mutuality is not limited to couples or dyads; it can take the form of many different relational configurations.”

In his cosmology of the “Queer Christ,” Cheng proposes “seven new deadly queer sins:” exploitation, the closet, apathy, conformity, shame, isolation, singularity. In Cheng’s world view, it is a sin for an LGBT person to not “come-out,” to remain politically inactive in terms of LGBT advocacy, or conform to traditional Christian moral standards with regards to homosexuality.

In his earlier book, “Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology,” published in 2011, Cheng discussed “God as the Divine ‘Top.’” In gay slang “top” refers to the insertive partner during anal sex.

Cheng wrote:
Queer theologians have parodied God’s traditional divine attribute of omnipotence – that is, God’s all powerful nature – by superimposing sexual roles on God…the God the Hebrew Bible, can be understood as being the “top” in a homoerotic relationship with David, the king of Israel – akin to that of a warrior chief and his boy companion.

He also wrote at length about the Blessed Virgin Mary:
Indeed, the Virgin Marty can be understood as the antithesis of “family values” insofar as she erases the boundaries between traditional family categories of parent, spouse, and child. This is significant because we can understand Mary as deconstructing gender and family roles as opposed to merely reinforcing them as the Roman Catholic church and fundamentalist Christians would have us believe.

In a 2012 article for The Huffington Post, Cheng wrote:

Same-sex marriages are sacramental because they are a reflection of the larger grace-filled relationship between God and humanity.

Yet Martin continues to paint himself as the ‘victim’ of Catholics objecting to the proselytizing of the Holy Father’s catastrophic and endless promotion of blasphemy and apostasy.

And the gutless ordained man who gushes over the ‘theology’ of a blasphemer, and appoints him to say the things he doesn’t have the courage to say is the sneakiest of snakes.

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5 comments on “Worst Blasphemy Ever from Fr. James Martin

  1. There is no such thing as an LGBTQUEER theologian, or philosopher. Those enslaved to aberrant passions or other irrational lusts are incompetent to reason to the truth, from the simple fact that they hate truth because it militates against their enslavement, which they don’t actually love, but think they love, simply because they think it is “who they are” (which it isn’t, of course).
    And the totally arbitrary, self-referential, often utterly unintelligible ravings of this narcissistic pervert Cheng are an example.
    This kind of thing makes one see the wisdom of God in creating a hell.

    • This fits the pattern of moral decay pointed out in this article:
      Basically it states that Vat-II sets the precedent with it’s scandalous teaching in LG no. 8, “This Church constituted and organized in the world as a society, subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter …” which, in turn, creates the notion of “fullness” found in the Church, but less perfect forms found elsewhere. The author observes that this same undermining is being applied to marriage, and is in the very wording of Francis’ scandalous document:
      “Christian marriage, … is fully realized in the union between a man and a woman who give themselves to each other in a free, faithful and exclusive love, … Some forms of union radically contradict this ideal, while others realize it in at least a partial and analogous way.

      “Imperfect marriage” means exactly that “doing it” without the benefit of marriage is analogous to marriage. Adultery becomes merely imperfect marriage.

      This effectively separates sex from it’s final end of procreation. Now comes the homo who claims to be in a loving relationship. Maybe that, too, is analgous to marriage, in some sense. Why not? Then, if we have a Theology of the Body, let’s have an LGBTQUEER TOB. Again, why not?

      Hence, James Martin presides over the final destruction of the Church, as far as that is possible. Who is speaking out against him?

  2. Old news: the Vat. 2 church has been calling “shacking up” – “irregular unions” for awhile now…

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