No Pork at the Bologna Basilica Bash

No Pork [at the Bologna Basilica Bash]

[Supposedly to respect all religious traditions: What about no beef because of Hindus or even no meat because of Vegans and no-meat-on-Friday-Catholics?]

From Gloria.TV News for 10/5/17

During Pope Francis’ lunch in the Basilica San Petronio in Bologna no pork was served in order to respect – quote – “all religious traditions”. The French webpage Medias-Presse suggests that next time the cross should also be removed because Moslems have a strong aversion against it and they should not be offended.

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One comment on “No Pork at the Bologna Basilica Bash

  1. Hey, this is the nu-Church cafeteria catholicism (have it your way!). No need to worship Almighty God in those basilicas (the origin of the word is the “King’s hall” BTW) – we’d rather have Burger king! Haven’t you heard? The Eucharist is a “community meal” not a sacrifice for sins. Hey, even feminist nuns are getting in on the act. See: “Nuns to open pop-up restaurant in east London”
    From the article: “The restaurant is opening in response to an influx of research studies that show that people under the age of 35 are at the greatest risk of suffering from anxiety.” Can’t have those kiddies YooT feeling worry over the sinful state of the world, don’t ya know!

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