At the New, Improved Pontifical Academy for Life,  “Life” Means “Whatever We Feel Like Blathering About.”

At the New, Improved Pontifical Academy for Life, “Life” Means “Whatever We Feel Like Blathering About.”

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 3, 2017

The New President of the New Pontifical Academy for Life
What can one say?

Not that anyone should be surprised, but the appointment of the pro-“gay,” pro-Holy Communion for public adulterers Archbishop Vincenzio (“obscene mural”) Paglia as head of the reconstituted Pontifical Academy for Life has had the desired result. The Pontifical Academy for Life is now, effectively, the Pontifical Academy for Whatever.

Paglia could not have put it any clearer when he declared, during the first general assembly of the “renewed” (read: destroyed) Academy: “It’s obvious that being ‘pro-life’ means, even for the academy, to rethink the semantic value of the term life, which cannot be reduced to a perspective that is uniquely bio-ethical. If we must be pro-life, we must always, any way and anywhere be pro-life.”

So, the Pontifical Academy for Life will no longer focus its efforts on the sanctity of human life as such, for that would be too narrowly “bio-ethical.” That is, it would prevent the “renewed” Academy from morphing into just another social justice organ in a Vatican apparatus that is itself being transformed into what Antonio Socci has called “a social assistant to the New World Order.”

Thus, Paglia informs us that the “renewed” Academy will involve itself in “topics such as immigration, ‘a theme that the academy has close to heart and wants to study at a global and international level.’” In other words: open borders, especially for Muslims. But what does leftwing immigration policy have to do with the sanctity of human life? Nothing, of course, unless one wishes to argue that any government policy affecting any aspect of human life, including taxes and transportation, comes under the “pro-life” umbrella.

Then there will be “a congress, called ‘Accompanying Life: New responsibilities in a technological age,’ that will account for the new challenges present in every stage of life presented by the digital and scientific revolution, to be held at the Vatican Oct. 5-7.” See how easy it is to transform the Pontifical Academy for Life into the Pontifical Academy for Anything We Would Like to Blabber About? Simply describe any given topic as “accompanying life” and it’s on the agenda.

This useless gabfest will supposedly focus on “the impact of technology on human life in all of its phases from conception to death,” according to Father Renzo Pegoraro, the new chancellor of the Academy. And what does that mean? Among other things, “the anthropologic aspects tied to parenting, the cultural ones typical of the civilization of efficiency and the relations between technology, justice and economic resources.” In other words: blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum.

And so, another element of the Vatican bureaucracy now sinks entirely into the sea of empty words that has relentlessly inundated the promotion of the Law of the Gospel and the divine commission to make disciples of all nations. I am reminded of these lines from T.S. Eliot’s “Choruses from the Rock”:

The Word of the LORD came unto me, saying:
O miserable cities of designing men,
O wretched generation of enlightened men,
Betrayed in the mazes of your ingenuities,
Sold by the proceeds of your proper inventions:
I have given you hands which you turn from worship,
I have given you speech, for endless palaver,
I have given you My Law, and you set up commissions….
Much is your reading, but not the Word of GOD,
Much is your building, but not the House of GOD,
Will you build Me a house of plaster, with corrugated roofing,
To be filled with a litter of Sunday newspapers?

What we see happening in the Church at this moment in history is as dreary as it is alarming. But the God who is mocked by blathering politicians in clerical garb will sooner or later set things right again. Such is the promise of the Message of Fatima.

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