Vicar general of Opus Dei sees ‘filial correction’ as a scandal

Vicar general of Opus Dei sees ‘filial correction’ as a scandal

[Following the Bergoglian party line, the Opie Dopie no.2 man demonizes those who signed the Filial Correction, including one of his own members]

Catholic World News – 10/2/17

Msgr. Mariano Fazio, the vicar general of the prelature of Opus Dei, said that the “filial correction” of Pope Francis made public by a group of lay people last week was a “totally wrong” approach. Those who signed the appeal, he said, “scandalize the whole Church.”

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former president of the Vatican bank who signed the “filial correction,” is a member of Opus Dei. Msgr. Fazio said flatly: “I think he was wrong, too, like the others who signed.”

Source: El número 2 del Opus Dei censura a varios miembros de la Prelatura acusándoles de “escandalizar a toda la Iglesia” (Infovaticana)

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3 comments on “Vicar general of Opus Dei sees ‘filial correction’ as a scandal

  1. Whenever I see “Opie Dopie,” I think of …

  2. The public scandal of a crazy modernist promoting Situation Ethics from the papal throne already was a problem. For everyone to just stick their heads in the sand would hardly improve the situation. Anyone with a Catholic education can spot the heretical dissembling coming from this pontificate. The scandal would be to allow this dissembling to continue without a correction. So, no, the signers of the correction are not the problem. But a Spanish secret society from the era of Franco, filled with head in the sand neurotics who don’t want to deal with modernist heresy in the Vatican, might be. Why would running the Catholic Church like the Moonies help the situation?

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