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How does Pope Francis choose bishops of important dioceses?

How does Pope Francis choose bishops of important dioceses?

Posted on  by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

BishopMcElroyItalian vaticanista Andrea Gagliarducci writes regularly a column at his place called “Monday Vatican”. You should read him.

Today, however, he has a piece at CNA about how Pope Francis seems to approach the selection of and translation of bishops. HERE

Among other things, Andrea wrote:

Over the past year, Pope Francis has appointed 16 U.S. bishops, most of them in smaller dioceses or as auxiliaries. The major pending question is that of the successor of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, D.C. Cardinal Wuerl is already 76 years old, more than a year beyond the normal retirement age. read more



[Such high percentages in predominantly “Catholic/Christian” countries (except the US) attributable to the “spirit of Vatican II”?]


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on two new surveys on religion and morality:

A survey by Statista reveals that in Belgium 68 percent of the people believe that religion does more harm than good: Germany, Spain, Australia, Sweden, and Great Britain all top 60 percent. No nation disagrees with this conclusion more than Japan; only 26 percent agree that religion does more harm than good. The world average is 49 percent; the figure for the U.S. is 39 percent. read more

Discovering the Real Christopher Columbus

Discovering the Real Christopher Columbus

Written by  Solange Hertz (Longtime Remnant Columnist, RIP)

 Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Christopher Columbus, Apostle to America Christopher Columbus, Apostle to America


This year of Our Lord 1992, Quincentenary of Columbus’ discovery of America, finds the Black Legend demonstrably renewed in vigour and purpose. As Columbus Day approaches, the old hispanophobia so dear to enemies of Christ the King is taking on a new allure.  Already on Holy Thursday, March 28th, 1991, giving way before unprecedented pressures from outside the Church, Rome suspended the beatification process of Queen Isabella which had begun in 1972 and was nearing a favourable conclusion. As the defamatory exposes of Columbus, indicted for opening the American continents to ruthless Spanish exploitation, approach a crescendo in the media, our hallowed October 12 bids fair to provoke more controversy than celebration. read more

KILLING STATUES: Christophobic Mobocracy in America

KILLING STATUES: Christophobic Mobocracy in America

Published on Oct 17, 2017

Michael discusses mobocracy and what’s really behind the ‘war on statues’ raging in the streets of America.

First it was Robert E. Lee, then it was Christopher Columbus and now it statues of saints, the Blessed Virgin and Our Lord Himself.

This war on the past is morphing into a war on Christian history, and now Catholic schools are getting into the act by smashing their own statues.

What’s it all mean? Is this the beginning of a new ‘reign of terror’? The mob is of control again, and just as it turned on Robespierre the first time around, it’s again turning on its own (e.g., Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco last week). read more

New “Our Father” Book by Pope Likely To Contain Surprises

=&0=& October 17th, 2017

(ROME) – Over the weekend, the Spanish Catholic website Religión Digital announced that the Pope has been working on a book about the Our Father. Scheduled for release in Italy on November 23rd, the work has been co-authored with the chaplain of a Paduan prison, Marco Pozza. Pozza is a well-known media figure in Italy who hosts religious television programs on the national network TV2000. If history is any guide, this new book is likely to contain some surprising statements from the Holy Father. read more

Does the Pope’s Development of Doctrine on the Death Penalty Turn Catholics into Pacifists?


October 17th, 2017

(ROME) – Speaking to the meeting of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization last week, Pope Francis declared the death penalty an “inadmissible” punishment which was “contrary to the Gospel”. Commentators have rightly noted this statement’s apparent contradiction to the deposited teaching of the Church, including the strong definitions of previous Popes. However, the grounds on which the Pope’s position appear to depend could require far more revision of Church teaching than anyone has yet noted, including the concepts of just war and killing in self-defense. read more

How Bergoglio Finally Got Elected Pope

[How Bergoglio Finally Got Elected Pope]

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” – 10/18/17

All Secrets of the 2005 Conclave Revealed: [Bergoglio Came in Second All the Time]

Giuseppe Savà published on the scores of the 2005 conclave that elected Benedict XVI. According to Savà, the candidates who in the first ballot received more than one vote (out of 115), were:

Ratzinger 47
Bergoglio 10
Martini 9
Ruini 6
Sodano 4
Maradiaga 3
Tettamanzi 2.

In order to be elected 77 votes were necessary. read more

Polish Bishops Dubia: No to Francis

[Polish Bishops Dubia: No to Francis] – 10/18/17

Polish Dubia Ahead?

The Italian Il Giornale (October 17) cited rumors that “a part of the Polish Church” is preparing a document in support of the Dubia regarding Pope Francis’ controversial document Amoris Laetitia. According to the newspaper the text was not yet published “only due to a direct intervention of Pope Bergoglio” but this will “sooner or later” happen. Francis has few supporters among the Polish hierarchy and faithful. read more

Progressive Catholics Launch Defense Initiative Against Filial Correction

Progressive Catholics Launch Defense Initiative Against Filial Correction

Maike Hickson October 17, 2017

Today, the website of the German bishops,, surprises its readers with the publication of a story detailing an initiative which has been launched in order to support Pope Francis himself against the critics who signed the 24 September Filial Correction. The new group is called “Pro Pope Francis” and now has its own website, It says that the group has already 100 signatories and more than 1,000 “supporters” of this declaration. The initiative thanks Pope Francis for his “courageous and theologically well-founded leadership.” The signatories also praise the pope for letting “mercy have the last word” in pastoral matters. read more

French Cardinal: Pre-Francis Church “absurd and inhumane”

French Cardinal: Pre-Francis Church “absurd and inhumane”

 Louie  October 17, 2017

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin responds to reporters when apparently asked how many Commandments are still in effect.

As reported in the French Catholic newspaper, La Croixon Sunday, October 15, the Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, hosted an event at Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste where he presented “paths of discernment” as proposed in Amoris Laetitia.

In attendance at the “full cathedral” were those who had responded to the invitation issued by His Eminence via a letter addressed “To the attention of Catholics separated, divorced or divorced remarried.” read more

The Father Martin Paradigm

The Father Martin Paradigm

The “chaplain” of The Colbert Report. It’s one thing to embrace the “marginalized,” quite another to ignore their sins.

Alan L. Anderson

A fascinating admission surfaced recently in the whole firestorm surrounding James Martin S.J. – an admission that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Writing in defense of Father Martin in the liberal Catholic journal Commonweal, John Gehring begins, “If you’re looking for a Catholic priest who inspires people – and makes them laugh and think – James Martin, S.J., is your guy. At the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s annual conference, he’s greeted like a rock star by swarms of young Catholics who devour his books and remember him as Stephen Colbert’s ‘chaplain’ on the Colbert Report.” read more

Topless Feminists Throw Firebombs, Tampons and Feces at a Catholic Church to Protest Abortion

Topless Feminists Throw Firebombs, Tampons and Feces at a Catholic Church to Protest Abortion


Pro-abortion feminists in Argentina staged a violent, topless protest Sunday to demand taxpayer-funded abortions and cultural acceptance of prostitution.

Crux reports protesters vandalized several buildings, including a Catholic cathedral in Argentina during the pro-abortion “Boob Protest.” Local news reports indicate the pro-abortion protesters threw rocks, a Molotov cocktail, bottles, tampons and feces, as well as balloons filled with paint. They also painted walls with messages such as “Death to the pope” and “Lesbianize yourself.” read more

Catholic Cardinal: “No One Can Justify Terminating an Innocent Child Growing in the Mother’s Womb”

Catholic Cardinal: “No One Can Justify Terminating an Innocent Child Growing in the Mother’s Womb”


Catholic Cardinal Oswald Gracias of India recently preached a strong message about the battle between the culture of life and culture of death in the world today.

Gracias, the Archbishop of Bombay and the head of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences, spoke about abortion, euthanasia and other family issues addressed in Pope Francis’s “Amoris Laetitia” during a conference Oct. 13 to 15 in Mumbai, India, Crux reports. read more

Speech by Fr. Greg Boyle draws protesters in Orange diocese

Speech by Fr. Greg Boyle draws protesters in Orange diocese

About 30 demonstrators pray rosary outside as dissident priest speaks at Mater Dei High School


(image from protesters)

At the Catholic diocese of Orange Diocesan Ministries Celebration, the event’s keynote speaker was Fr. Gregory Boyle, a Jesuit priest who dissents from Church teaching. 

Faithful Catholics protesting Fr. Boyle’s speech distributed flyers to attendees as they arrived early on Saturday morning at Mater Dei High School in Orange County. They then hosted a Rosary rally across the street from 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. read more

Novena to St. Jude the Apostle Oct 19-27

St. Jude Feast Day Oct. 28

Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus,
the Church honors and invokes you universally, as the patron of difficult cases,
of things almost despaired of, Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone.
Intercede with God for me that He bring visible and speedy help
where help is almost despaired of.
Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation
and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly – read more