National un-Catholic Reporter’s misleading editorial

National un-Catholic Reporter’s misleading editorial

The title and e-mail decription of the National un-Catholic Reporter’s latest (September 29, 2017) editorial are misleading.

The e-mail announcement implies a call for dialogue, discussion or debate concerning criticism of Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia (especially the latest Filial Correction) – similar to that called for by current Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin and former Vatican Doctrinal Congregation Prefect Cardinal Muller …

Editorial: Stop censoring, have a civil discussion

by NCR Editorial Staff

We say: The antecedents for cyberbullies’ attacks today were well-set in plodding church bureaucracies of a previous age. But we can only approach civility when loyal questioners are honored and engaged, not vilified.

… but the actual editorial is an attack on the authors of that criticism as well as critics of other efforts to undermine Catholic teaching and practice – and a defense of those underminings and underminers – as evidenced by the opening paragraphs of the editorial:

In September, NCR and GSR [for “Global Sisters Report”, an NCR “front group” website to report on and advance the liberal women religious and feminist agenda, ironically funded by a multi-million dollar grant from the Conrad Hilton Foundation established in 1944 by the the hotel-chain founder and Catholic of that name “to alleviate human suffering”] have reported on three tales of Catholic thinkers censored — Jesuit Fr. James Martin; Boston College theology professor M. Shawn Copeland; and Rebecca Bratten Weiss, co-founder of the New Pro-Life Movement. The excruciating irony of these tales begins with the fact that it no longer requires an edict from the Holy Office or a word of disapproval from the local bishop to silence thought and to pronounce someone persona non grata.

The mechanics have gone digital for sidelining someone like Martin, whose rather mild suggestions in his latest book, Building a Bridge, which urges a kinder church approach to the LGBT community, have stirred the hornet’s nest of homophobia. Bratten Weiss was branded as insufficiently pro-life for suggesting the life agenda can and should include issues of women’s rights, health care and violence. Word from Madonna University is the decision for Copeland not to speak was mutual, out of fear the situation would get “uglier.”

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