Francis the Foreigner in Favor of Mass Immigration (Legal and Illegal), but Some of the Locals Aren’t

[Francis the Foreigner in Favor of Massive Immigration (Legal and Illegal), but Some of the Locals Aren’t]

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Francis’ Arms “Wide Open To Embrace” Illegal Immigrants

In his General Audience on September 27, Pope Francis intensified his left-wing political campaign in favor of mass immigration. He called for a reaching out with open arms to what he called “migrants and refugees”. Using the Gospel for political aims he claimed that Christ calls to welcome illegal immigrants “with arms wide open, ready to give a sincere, affectionate, enveloping embrace”.

Mass immigration is an attempt of the Western countries to fill in their population gap which was produced by their abortion- and anti-family policies. It amounts to a robbery of the young, mainly male, population of many poor countries which are pushed deeper into poverty.

Bishop Criticizes Francis’ Political Campaign

Monsignor Luigi Negri, the ex-bishop of Ferrara, Italy, implicitly criticized Pope Francis’ campaign in favour of the introduction of birthright citizenship in Italy, “The Church must guide the souls, not decide the law.”

Writing on La Verità Neri warns of handing out the citizenship in an automatic, mechanical way without assessing, among other things, the tradition of Christian Europe.

A report about the article in Il Giornale generated 61 comments of which 60 are very critical of Pope Francis.

More Hard Questions For Francis

Pope Francis continues his political campaign in favor of illegal immigration against the opinion of a majority of the Italians. On September 27 he said during General Audience, “Let us receive [illegal im]migrants with open arms.” The Italian politician Matteo Salvini asked on Facebook, “All of them? Where? With which money? In which houses?” When Italy introduced gay pseudo-marriage Francis kept silent arguing that he did not want to interfere in politics.

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One comment on “Francis the Foreigner in Favor of Mass Immigration (Legal and Illegal), but Some of the Locals Aren’t

  1. Pope Francis: “Christ himself asks us to welcome our brother and sister migrants and refugees with arms wide open”


    Somali Muslim migrant Mohammad Barry in February 2016 stabbed multiple patrons at a restaurant owned by an Israeli Arab Christian; Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan Muslim migrant, in September 2016 set off bombs in New York City and New Jersey; Arcan Cetin, a Turkish Muslim migrant, in September 2016 murdered five people in a mall in Burlington, Washington; Dahir Adan, another Somali Muslim migrant, in October 2016 stabbed mall shoppers in St. Cloud while screaming “Allahu akbar”; and Abdul Razak Artan, yet another Somali Muslim migrant, in November 2016 injured nine people with car and knife attacks at Ohio State University. 72 jihad terrorists have come to the U.S. from the countries listed in Trump’s initial immigration ban.

    What’s more, all of the jihadis who murdered 130 people in Paris in November 2015 had just entered Europe as refugees. In February 2015, the Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. The Lebanese Education Minister said in September 2015 that there were 20,000 jihadis among the refugees in camps in his country. On May 10, 2016, Patrick Calvar, the head of France’s DGSI internal intelligence agency, said that the Islamic State was using migrant routes through the Balkans to get jihadis into Europe.

    Does Jesus Christ really expect us to expose our children and grandchildren to this threat? Maybe so, but whatever the truth about his opinions may be, in saying this the Pope is essentially reading out of the Catholic Church anyone who opposes mass Muslim migration. He is saying that to be concerned about a future Europe and North America that are likely to be full of bloodshed and civil strife is not a Christian position. As far as Pope Francis is concerned, the only Christian act in this regard is to choose to subject one’s children and grandchildren to dangers that could easily have been prevented were it not for these migration policies.

    Is it really a Christian requirement to be in favor of one’s home country committing cultural suicide?

    In spreading his nonsense, the Pope is endangering his own people, particularly in light of the papal idolatry that is rampant in the Catholic Church today.

    “Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

    Source: “Pope Francis: Jesus Christ Himself Asks Us to Welcome Migrants ‘With Arms Wide Open,’” by Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart, September 27, 2017

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