Sic vel non (Yes or no)?

[Sic vel non (Yes or no)?]

Cardinal Marx: There Are No More Differences That Divide “Catholics” From Protestants

Still existing differences do not divide the Protestants from the Catholic Church anymore according to the liberal Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx. Speaking at a meeting of the German Bishops in Fulda he claimed that ecumenism has advanced considerably.

In reality the German Protestants [and Catholics] have abandoned religion and instead embraced relativism and secularism. This is provoking a mass exodus from their churches; however, the German churches do not need to worry about the faithful because they receive their money from the State.

Cardinal Woelki: There is No Approach Between the Church and the Protestants

There is more and more dissent between Catholics and Protestants in questions like abortion, gay pseudo-marriage, euthanasia and divorce according to liberal Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki.

Writing in Herder Korrespondenz (September 26) Woelki also notices that there has been no convergence regarding Holy Mass or Holy Orders. Therefore he calls a “mutual invitation” to receive Holy Communion “dishonest”.

Woelki points out that even Martin Luther would have invited Catholics to his Last Supper only after a profession of faith; that is to say, after they first had become Protestants.

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