Another Bishop Signs Filial Correction


Posted on September 24, 2017 by abyssum [“I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas”]

I extend my congratulations and gratitude to the originators of the Correction and I wish to have my name added to the list of those individuals who agree with the content of the Correction and want to be identified with it.

Sincerely and in gratitude,
The Most Reverend Rene Henry Gracida, D.D.
Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi

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6 comments on “Another Bishop Signs Filial Correction

  1. Thank you Bishop Gracida, for lending your support to the efforts of those original signatories.

  2. How will Church Militant especially Michael Voris react to this?

    His Excellency was lionized by Michael Voris in a series of interviews and a Vortex episode in April 2016:

    • From Church Militant Headlines for SEPTEMBER 28, 2017:

      Bishop Explains Why He Signed Filial Correction

      Bp. Rene Henry Gracida: “I love the Church.”

      FULL STORY: Bishop Gracida and Fr Andrew Pinsent: Why we signed the filial correction

      by Catholic Herald Staff Reporter
      posted Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017

      Bishop René Henry Gracida

      A number of friends have asked me why I chose, last Sunday, to sign the filial correction. Frankly I am surprised that anyone would need to ask, because the answer is so simple and, I hope, self-evident: I love the Church.

      I love the Church as the mystical body of Christ. I love the Church as the community of faithful men and women, young and old, liberal and conservative. It pains me to see people suffer, even as I personally suffer, in the present crisis that afflicts the Church.

      The filial correction is so well-written, so respectful, so comprehensive, so detailed in explaining the basis for objecting to the seven areas of heterodoxy bordering on heresy, that I would expect many of my brother bishops to be happy to sign it. Perhaps naively, I thought that my signature might encourage more bishops to make their views public, and perhaps some will, but many are timid and fearful of retaliation by Rome.

      As I have said before, I take hope from the precedent of the fourth century, when – according to Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman – the majority of bishops were either Arian or Semi-Arian. It was the laity that supported the Pope and St Athanasius and helped them win the condemnation of Arianism. The laity of our time, who are suffering so greatly as a result of bad leadership, or no leadership, deserve to see more bishops announce their support of the correction.

      I have also been asked what I believe will happen if no answer is given to the correction or the dubia. I regret that I must respond that I do not believe that there is anything then that men can do; a resolution of the crisis depends entirely on Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. He was a tail-gunner in the 303rd Hell’s Angels in World War II. I knew I liked him even before I read his bio. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy and is now 94. God bless him.

  4. Church Militant Download’s wishy-washy analysis of the Filial Correction; basically, a CYA (or rather, CHA) for Pope Francis:

    SEPTEMBER 28, 2017–FILIAL CORRECTION: A humble plea for clarity

    No complete video or transcript yet available; only a 4-minute clip (the introduction) at

    Complete audio at

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