SSPX: Dreadful “Negligence” And No Apology

SSPX: Dreadful “Negligence” And No Apology

For over a year and until short time ago St Michael the Archangel’s school in Burghclere, England, which is operated by the Priestly Society of St Pius X (SSPX), had the “Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool” published on its webpage as part of a 34-page “Child Protection Policy” document.

Brook is a British “sexual education” organization that promotes contraception, abortion, gender ideology and sexual perversion.

It is unclear how such a text could end up as part of a “child protection” policy for an SSPX school.

In a letter to the parents Father John Brucciani, the headmaster of St. Michael’s school, explained in the meantime, that the controversial material was published “due to a lack of oversight or distraction”. He called reporting on the issue an “attack on the SSPX”, but did not offer any apology.

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One comment on “SSPX: Dreadful “Negligence” And No Apology

  1. This is awful nonsense and is being pushed by those who are allied with the so called resistance. I know somebody who works at the school and she said that this report is nonsense and the result of an honest mistake.

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