Hunger Strike in Dublin: “We’re discussing legalizing an offensive procedure [abortion]”  

Hunger Strike in Dublin: “We’re discussing legalizing an offensive procedure [abortion]


Tim Jackson, 28, is a self-employed marketing consultant and theology graduate of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. He has done aid work in Syria, the Central African Republic and India. Tim ran as an Independent candidate in the Irish General Election in 2016. He is part of the White Flag Movement that started a petition calling the Abortion Committee of the Irish parliament to watch a video on abortion, before deciding to introduce the killing of unborn babies in Ireland. On September 18, Tim started a hunger strike in order to reinforce this demand. He spoke on September 21 to

Tim, why did you start a hunger strike outside the Irish parliament in Dublin?
My central demand is that the abortion committee of the Irish parliament watches a video of an abortion, before deciding to pass through a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment, which is a constitutional ban on abortion. They must watch what happens to victims of abortions. It’s gruesome.

Where can such videos be seen?
We’ve got videos posted at

Why should Ireland not vote on abortion?
In a civilized society, there are certain things we’re not allowed a vote on. We’d never, for instance, legislate rape or child abuse. Similarly, we shouldn’t ever legalize the killing of any human beings, be it young or old.

Do you put abortion in the same moral category as rape or child abuse?
Absolutely, because abortion is the killing of a human being. If we were considering voting on the lives of one or two-year-olds we’d be laughed out of the room, and rightly so.

What message on abortion do the powerful in Ireland convey?
The elites – the politicians and the media – relentlessly push propaganda that it might be ok sometimes to give the choice to kill, often cloaking it in euphemism that this is about bodily autonomy.

Do the media make it impossible for normal people to make up their mind about abortion?
Absolutely not, but often the information doesn’t get out. I’m willing to bet that 88% of this country hasn’t seen an abortion. In a real debate, that would be a prerequisite. It would be shown to people exactly what’s going to happen to the baby during an abortion.
A lot of people might find this “very offensive”…
Absolutely. I find it offensive too, They should object and should be offended that a human being is killed. Here we’re discussing legalizing such an offensive procedure…
Do you agree that some people do not agree with that point of view?
I do. I wish to hear their arguments and how illogical they are.
Will the abortion committee watch an abortion video before making a decision?
I’m not confident that they will, as it would lay bare the barbarity of what they want to legalise.

How can people support the White Flag Movement?
Please go to and sign the petition or give to the cause. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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