Celebrating God-Given Gender: Masculinity & Femininity per Nature & Grace


I highly endorse this extraordinary work of Dr. Dilsaver on this timely subject. The family is being attacked on all fronts and the subversion of the God-Given roles of male and female, father and mother, is the nadir of unnatural corruption of morals. Who suffers the most? The children! They are the victims, as the author demonstrates so well, of this inversion of the natural order and parental authority. Woe to those who scandalize the little ones! This book does not equivocate one iota. It is as challenging as it is educational. And it is both admonitory and reparative. The Catholic doctor, a clinical psychologist, knows well from experience what he is talking about. One can learn much from reading this work, even regarding biology. Dr. Dilsaver uses a variety of sources to back-up his findings, some of which are very surprising.

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One comment on “Celebrating God-Given Gender: Masculinity & Femininity per Nature & Grace

  1. The heck with all the fretting about heresy. We aren’t going to convert the Pope, but we can convert ourselves. Read this book for the antidote to Amoris Laetitia!

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