Vatican newspaper criticizes Trump’s UN speech

Vatican newspaper criticizes Trump’s UN speech

Catholic World News – 9/21/17

In a front-page opinion piece in its 9/21 edition, L’Osservatore Romano’s vice editor took President Donald Trump to task for failing to discuss climate change in his UN speech. Giuseppe Fiorentino also said that Trump’s “America first” philosophy runs counter to the need for a multilateral response to climate change and the North Korean threat.

Trump champions sovereignty, targets rogue regimes at UN

President gives first address to United Nations General Assembly

Fox News – 7/20/17

President Donald Trump spoke his version of truth-to-power — or powers, all 193 member nations of the United Nations.

His first address to the General Assembly was vintage Trump – a 40-minute mixture of bombast, insults, threats, praise for the ideals of the UN, and a declaration of his belief that America’s pursuit of its own interests was in America’s best interests and the world’s …

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