Italian Bishops’ Daily and the Pope Scandalize the Faithful and Lose Their Support

[Italian Bishops’ Daily and the Pope Scandalize the Faithful and Lose Their Support]

Bishops’ Daily Scandalises The Faithful

The Sunday edition (September 17) of Avvenire, the daily of the Italian Bishops, caused a scandal after it published on the first-page portrait photos of illegal immigrants with the headline, “All Italians, Not Yet Citizens.” Avvenire fights together with the leftwing Italian government for the introduction of a birthright citizenship in the country.

As a consequence, Avvenire was boycotted by priests and faithful alike. A parish-priest in the outskirts of Rome said to the Secolo d’Italia, “We are a parish, not a party section.” Another priest wrote on Twitter, “Why did they not put on the first page the faces of persecuted Christians?”

Father Pier Luca Bancale, an army chaplain belonging the Legion of Christ wrote, “I am dismayed by today’s first page brazen propaganda for birthright citizenship. Does the Church only avoid politics when it is about homosexual unions?”

Pope Francis Is Losing the Italians

On September 20 the Italian newspaper Il Giornale flattered Pope Francis for having closed down John Paul II’s Family Institute. The paper called this gloatingly “Bergoglio’s latest slap to the traditionalists”. By “traditionalists” it meant the Catholics.

The article was, however, not able to influence the readership. The article generated twenty comments, 19 of them highly critical of Francis. One reader writes, “We want a true pope who is a Christian and a Catholic.” Another, “This Pope is simply a politician of the Vatican.” A third, “He will replace the Family Institute with Quran lessons.”

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One comment on “Italian Bishops’ Daily and the Pope Scandalize the Faithful and Lose Their Support

  1. Changing the demographics of Italy (or Europe) is beyond the proper authority of the pope. It is a prudential matter of temporal politics which is entirely an issue for Italians to debate. If the Pope wishes to be an anti-Western Marxist crusader for the de-Christianization of Italy and Europe he should look for some other job and retire from the Catholic priesthood.

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