German Bishops Grow Frustrated With Pace of Francis’ “Reforms”

German Bishops Grow Frustrated With Pace of Francis’ “Reforms”

[Is the French revolutionary Pierre Vergniaud’s prediction of the French Revolution
“Citizens, we have reason to fear that the Revolution, like Saturn, will successively devour all its children, and finally produce despotism, with the calamities that accompany it” coming true in the contemporary Church?]

Referring to reliable sources, Edward Pentin wrote on his blog (September 19th), that members of the German episcopate have recently grown frustrated with the pace of Francis’ “reform”. They have been exerting pressure on him to step up the pace.

Pentin sees a connection with the recent publication of two motu proprios, one which handed over the responsibility for liturgical translations to episcopal committees and another which abolished the Rome Institute of the Family, one of the last truly Catholic educational establishments in the Church.

Apart from being very rich because of benefitting from a state tax system, the Church in Germany is eroded by a relativistic ideology losing hundreds of thousands inscribed members every year. Following such an example will prove suicidal for the Church as a whole.

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