Is Cardinal Sarah Francis’ Next Victim?

Is Cardinal Sarah Francis’ Next Victim?

[His Eminence already is a victim, with the Pope undermining and bypassing his authority in the Liturgy Congregation – similar to Cardinal Burke’s status: “I have a title but not a position.” Nonetheless, Cardinal Sarah pursues a policy similar to that of the failed one of former Doctrinal Congregation Prefect, Cardinal Muller – professing loyalty to the Pope and saying that only possible interpretation of His Holiness’ words is the “orthodox” one and not another (and heterodox) interpretation, which Francis has actually endorsed!]

Pope Francis will fire Cardinal Robert Sarah, 72, the prefect of the Congregation for the Liturgy, in December.

According to the blog Anonimi della Croce, one item on the agenda of the recent meeting of the Council of Cardinals was Sarah’s replacement, “Practically all cardinals agreed”, the blog writes, “Also because the order came from above, from Santa Marta, and all those obedient decided to decapitate him.”

Anonimi della Croce comments, “This is the style of Francis, the style of a Latin American dictator. As a good friend of Fidel Castro, he has as well learned these methods.”

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