Cardinal Sarah: “You Are Not ‘Traditionalists’ but ‘Catholics of the Roman Rite'”

Cardinal Sarah: “You Are Not ‘Traditionalists’ but ‘Catholics of the Roman Rite'”

[In the same sense as Louie Verrecchio’s AKA Catholic blog: “Good ol’ fashioned evangelization for the so-called traditionalist”]

Addressing a conference on the Latin Mass at the Angelicum in Rome on Thursday, Cardinal Robert Sarah told those in the audience to stop calling themselves “traditionalists,” and to stop allowing others to refer to them that way:

“You’re not enclosed in a box, or in a library or museum of curiosities,” he said. “You’re not ‘traditionalists.’ You’re Catholics of the Roman rite, like me, like the Holy Father[!?], not second-class citizens in the Catholic Church because of your cult and spiritual practices.”

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2 comments on “Cardinal Sarah: “You Are Not ‘Traditionalists’ but ‘Catholics of the Roman Rite'”

  1. A valid point, but the name doesn’t really matter. The old Roman Rite is the “traditional” way that Catholics worshipped. The confusion comes from progressive modernists and modernist cafeteria Catholics calling themselves Catholics. We are so far into the revolution of Vatican II that most people accept the use of the term “Catholic” in that way.

    In the past, focusing primarily on restoring the traditional Mass would have been helpful, instead of getting caught up in other debates and controversies. Now, of course, Amoris Laetitia presents more obstacles, since Bergoglio thinks that the way forward is for the Church to become more progressive and more like liberal Episcopalians. That is unlikely to work. Just take a look at the Episcopalians.

    • Indeed. All this only emphasizes Verrechio’s point:
      Traditionalist = Catholic = Traditionalist.
      There is no such thing as a Modernist Catholic. Such people can be Catholics in name only. In reality, they are enemies of Christ, and destined for hell. It is not possible that any more than a tiny fraction of Novus Ordo people are honestly ignorant.

      But I would agree with the Cardinal, up to a point.
      The problem is, we cannot merely call ourselves Catholic, because there are too many CINOs out there for that to be sufficient to distinguish TRUE Catholics from the false.
      Perhaps we should say: “I am Catholic”, and then immediately add: “And that *means* I am Traditional; I hold that the teaching of the Church on matters of Faith and morals can NEVER be changed.”

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