Harsh Words: Cardinal Sarah Discovers Environmentalism But Not Climate Change

Harsh Words: Cardinal Sarah Discovers Environmentalism [But Not Climate Change]


Visiting Conakry, the capital of his home country Guinea, Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Liturgy, condemned the filth he found in the city.

Talking to members of the government, the former archbishop of Conakry said, “I saw people leaving their trash cans in the middle of the road. I have not seen such behavior in any city in the world.”

And, “How can we imagine that people consciously carry dirt and leave it in the middle of the street? We need to be ashamed of Guinea, because this is our work.” He added, “Those who see them, are indifferent, we are all guilty because we let them do it.”

For Sarah, this situation of insalubrity [unhealthiness] has a possible link with the current shaking of the faith in the city, “This physical filth represents perhaps the inner dirt, the dirt that is in our hearts.”

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