Pope Francis’ Claims about “Openness”, “Tolerance” Not Credible

Pope Francis’ Claims about “Openness”, “Tolerance” Not Credible

[IMHO (AQ moderator Tom): “Yes” concerning Francis’ not responding to the Dubia; “No” concerning the Granada archbishop sacking Josef Seifert, done not on any order or request from the pope but by one thinking that he is doing his master’s will (reminds me of the alleged quote by King Henry II of England “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” concerning his problems with the Archbishop of Canterbury St. Thomas Becket, taken by four knights as an order or request from the king to do so]


The Vaticanista Marco Tosatti quotes on his blog an anonymous French Jewish businessman and a Masonic intellectual who commented on the sacking of the renowned philosopher Josef Seifert by Granada Archbishop Francisco Martínez’ because Seifert had criticised Amoris Laetitia in a scientific article:

“Pope Francis’ punitive and intimidatory display of rigid intransigence, executed by his ‘subordinates’, will never make his declarations about openness, pluralism and ecumenism credible.

No one believes this anymore, in fact, after not responding to the Dubia and after Seifert’s elimination, we are convinced that not even the world that matters, believes in it… we believe indeed that this attitude of his will provoke something unexpected.”

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