In new interview, Pope Francis reveals heavy influence by Communist woman

In new interview, Pope Francis reveals heavy influence by Communist woman

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John-Henry Westen

VATICAN CITY, September 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — In a newly published book-length interview, Pope Francis reveals that a Communist woman had a marked impact on his political thinking. “She taught me to think about political reality,” says Pope Francis of Esther Ballestrino De Careaga. “I owe so much to this woman.”

Francis brought up Bellastrino when author Dominique Wolton asked him about women who were a major influence in his life. “She was communist,” Francis readily admits, adding “she gave me books, all Communist.”

Exclusive excerpts from the interview were published in Le Figaro Magazine this morning. Politics and society: Pope Francis speaks with Dominique Wolton will be released in French on September 6.

George Neumayr, author of an in-depth look at Pope Francis called The Political Pope, notes that Ballestrino was the young Jorge Bergoglio’s boss at the laboratory where he worked. “She introduced him to communist periodicals and literature,” Neumayr told LifeSite in an interview. “When she got into trouble with the authorities, he hid her Marxist tracts in a Jesuit library.” “The reporter John Allen says that when her family asked for her to be buried in a Catholic cemetery, Bergoglio ‘readily consented’ even though he knew she wasn’t a believing Catholic.”

While some Catholics might view Neumayr’s work as irreverent, the author’s highly referenced work unveils a grim picture of a Pope heavily influenced by communism. Asked to describe the Pope’s attitude towards communism, Neumayr said, “He tends to speak of communism in benign terms … He told the Italian press that he wasn’t ‘offended’ if people call him a communist since he has ‘met many Marxists in my life who are good people.’”

Neumayr points to Pope Francis’ communist influence in politics both outside and inside the Church. “As I describe in the book, he rolled out the red carpet for Raul Castro, which flabbergasted Cubans who have suffered under the heel of his communist thuggery,” he said.

Inside the Church, Neumayr notes that Pope Francis has embraced Liberation theologians who were banned by his predecessors. “Liberation theology, which is an attempt to incorporate socialism into Catholic theology, was marginalized under Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI,” he said.

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12 comments on “In new interview, Pope Francis reveals heavy influence by Communist woman

  1. George Neumayr says:

    When she [the Communist Esther Ballestrino] got into trouble with the authorities, he [the Jesuit Jorge Bergoglio] hid her Marxist tracts in a Jesuit library.

    Not very difficult in view of all the liberation theology books and other “Marxist tracts” in such a library.

  2. Old news, but never out of date:

    He was in his late teens and still some years away from entering the Jesuit Order. She was in her mid-30s, a revolutionary and a feminist far ahead of her time. They met around 1953 or 1954 in the most unlikely of places – a laboratory where she worked as a pharmaceutical biochemist and he as an apprentice chemical technician. The two could not have been more dissimilar. Yet they cemented a unique friendship that bridged decades as well as deep political and religious chasms.

    The woman was Esther Careaga, a non-believer who, because of her Marxist ideals, disappeared under Argentina’s dictatorship in 1977. The man was Jorge Bergoglio, who became Pope Francis in March this year.


    She got into Bergoglio’s head before he was ordained in ’69. Granted, they lived through the era of hideous terrorist death squads in the 70’s (known as right-wing, of course, because they were opposed to Marxist terrorists). it was charitable of Bergoglio to help her, although he should have offered to simply “disappear” the books rather than keep them. Bergoglio has since evidenced unbecoming affinity toward pinkos. His experience in Argentina should have left him in horror of mass murderers, but he still bowed to Castro.

    On another note, we can thank Trump for standing up against the growing left-wing violent-action group Antifa. As of this week, they have a bad name even on the left, especially with Pelosi condemning them. While it’s welcome, don’t expect it to last.

  3. “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world.”

    The anti-Fatima modernists and Fatima debunkers might want to rethink their skepticism.

  4. This goes far beyond Communism. Joseph Stalin would have put any “out of closet” gay rights advocate 6 feet under in his day. Until the fall of the Iron Curtain gay rights was forbidden. After the fall of Communism John Paul’s liberal “Human Rights” ideology that overthrew Communism contained in it the seeds of “Rights” for all. John Paul 2 was a great friend of the Polish liberal intelligensia.

  5. Adam Michnik was prominent among John Paul’ s anticommuist allies. He was once asked why he, a Jew, goes to Church. And his answer was that during the Mass, he stands with Catholics, but during the consecration, he does not kneel with them.

  6. A failure or refusal to explain the differences between Communist and Catholic approaches to such issues could be a sign of disorientation, mental defect, or heresy. Catholic natural law presents a VERY different vision from that of totalitarian and atheistic Communism. Any fuzziness on this would be a disqualification not only from being pope but from being a Catholic. If you’re not a Catholic you can’t be pope, you can’t even be a priest. Connect the dots here. It’s irrelevant how Bergoglio “feels” about any of these issues or what his personal opinions are. As a Catholic, he has a duty to follow Catholic teachings which are opposed to Communism and secular socialism.

  7. It could be assumed that when he shows up for interviews dressed as the Holy Father, issuing pontifical ex cathdera proclamations and opinions on Catholic doctrine and the ethics of air conditioning, that there is an implicit claim to his being the formal head of the Catholic Church and speaking on its moral theology. With certain qualifications and conditions regarding predication, obviously there is some equivocation whenever referring to a progressive modernist as a “Catholic” which relates to such implicit claims which stretch the boundaries of logic.

    Given that the eco-socialist pontiff has been under the care of a Freudian psychoanalyst, it involves entering the Alice in Wonderland side of progressive modernism whenever reviewing or analyzing such claims.

  8. Typo: obviously, that should have been ex cathedra. We can’t have incorrect Latin.

    • I’m not sure about that; it may have been a parapraxis (Freudian slip), because the Google Latin to English translator renders “cathdera” as “loue” (not the British colloquialism “loo” from the French “lieu de pissoir”). The Urban Dictionary defines “loue” as “a f—ing retard who everyone loves but he’s a weird dumb noob who had no idea why he is on the earth.”

  9. Robin: But wouldn’t that be ceding validity to Freudian theory, Batman?

    Batman: An excellent point, old chum.

    Batman: Nevertheless, the typographical error which bypassed spellcheck for ecclesiastical Latin phrases provides a favorable opportunity to review your ancient Greek, Robin. Dr. Freud, who had some exposure to classical studies in Vienna, referred to these slips as Fehlleistungen (meaning “faulty actions”, “faulty functions” or “misperformances” in German); the Greek term parapraxes (plural of “parapraxis”, from the Greek παρά [para] and πρᾶξις [praxis], meaning “another action” in English) was the creation of his English translator, as is the form “symptomatic action”. Perhaps you are familiar with the ancient Greek preposition παρά (para) from the popular English term paranoia as well as parapsychology? Watch the terms closely, Robin, as Marxists are found of both praxis and playing word games.

    Robin: Gosh, Batman, that’s good to know. I’ll make a note on it just in case it comes up in any of our classes at Fordham Prep.

    The Riddler: Freudian slips present paradigmatic opportunities.

    Catwoman: That’s the danger of the Freudian subconscious mind, Batman. But let’s be pragmatic like good American empiricists.

    Batman: You are acquainted with Sigmund Freud’s master work The Interpretation of Dreams in the original German, Die Traumdeutung?

    Robin: I think our language teacher has been meaning to present a lecture on that, Batman.

    Batman: Just don’t allow any digressions in Freudian literary theory to distract you from your Latin homework.

    Robin: I’ll try to remember that, Batman.

    Batman: Are you pacing yourself at keeping up with two-hundred lines of Cicero translation every night, Robin?

    Robin: Well, gosh, Batman, it’s still the first week of school…

    Batman: There is plenty of time to review The Stoic Paradoxes of Cicero. Did you bring your Latin copy of Paradoxa Stoicorum, Robin?

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