In Solidarity With Tulsa

In Solidarity With Tulsa

The Tulsa post reminds me of a similar struggle the Tradition-minded laity in Colorado Springs endured in order to preserve the Mass and catechesis in effect prior to the devastating changes imposed following Vatican II. Can you imagine having to say Mass in a Funeral Home, the irony being stupendous, while the Hierarchy promises “regularization” of the SSPX will soon occur?

My brothers and sisters in Tulsa, we at the Servants of the Holy Family Chapel in Colorado Springs, stand with you in your efforts to preserve Tradition in Liturgy, Practice and Belief, while those who have “canonical” stature work to destroy all that we hold dear. In fact the following image shows efforts we have underway to explain who we are:

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    Treasures of Tradition

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2017

    10:00am until 4:00pm

    Servants of the Holy Family (SHF) is happy to announce our 40th Anniversary Open House Event. SHF is faithful to the traditional Latin Mass and Catholic doctrine and morals and is endorsed by Catholic Bishops worldwide who support the traditional Latin Mass. Servants of the Holy Family was first in the nation to establish a Traditional Latin Mass religious community of men, which is semi-contemplative.

    SHF preserves the Traditional Latin Mass in all forms: Solemn, High, Low, Gregorian Masses, plus online. Full sacramental ministry is provided from Baptism to Extreme Unction. We offer Spiritual direction, Prayer and Mass requests, Benediction, Gregorian chant, occasional polyphony, and Sacramentals including rosaries, scapulars, Miraculous Medals, St. Benedict medals, and holy water.

    SHF also houses a beautiful and devotional chapel with relics, Church treasures (Agnus Dei medals etc.), statues and other works of art depicting favorite saints.

    The relics include:

    • Relic of the Veil of BVM

    • Part of the table from the Last Supper

    • Reliquary from France with amazing relics

    • First class relic from the catacomb of St. Lawrence

    • Reliquary with many first class relics of Saints

    • Agnus Dei medals of Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius XII

    • Relic of the True Cross in reliquary of Pope Gregory XVI rescued from China


    Additional highlights about us for our guests to know: Servants of the Holy Family was the first to republish the Baltimore Catechism #3. In 2013, SHF published the work in the Kindle e-book format. SHF has done extensive catechetical work across the country using technology like Skype and this has led to many conversions to the Catholic Church. The latest effort in 2017 was the completion of an online series of talks about the Catholic Faith which was based on the Baltimore Catechism. SHF has also officiated over Catechism programs for children, preparation for Communion and Confirmation, and preparation for weddings. Our website offers all of the above, plus the Gospels and Psalms, Prayers and Aspirations booklet, devotional and instructive booklets on all facets of life, videos of Masses, ceremonies, sermons and brief instruction videos. One can also find short saints’ stories and quotes for every day. We conduct Q & A sessions regularly. We welcome you to enjoy quiet, prayerful Masses in our chapel, viewing our beautiful stained glass windows, and hearing organ music performed for all major feast days and Sundays (except Advent and Lent). Four priests and additional brothers and Carmelite nuns are ready to offer support. Servants of the Holy Family has created more than a community—we are a family. The traditional seminary program combines the minor and major seminary curriculum and encompasses high school courses, philosophy and theology. Our Mass Schedule is available on the website.

    Feel free to give us a call or email us any questions. | (719) 495-3933

    • Thank,s Tom, for rescuing my image and for providing the additional details on the Open House, It’s quite ironic that we traditionalists are, according to the hierarchy, in need of being regularized when it is the hierarchy itself that needs to be regularized. I can remember when we attended Sunday Mass in another funeral home near Burbank, CA, offered by Fr. Patrick Perez. (We were on vacation visiting family at the time.)

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