Our Lady Of The Holy Rosary novena Sept 28-Oct 6

O QUEEN of the most holy Rosary, in these times
of brazen impiety, show again thy power, with the
signs which accompanied thy victories of old, and from
the throne where thou art seated, dispensing pardon and
grace, in pity watch over the Church of thy Son, His
Vicar, and every order of the clergy and laity, suffering
in grievous warfare.

Hasten, O most powerful destroyer of heresy, hasten the hour of mercy,
seeing that the hour of judgment is daily challenged by innumerable offenses.
Obtain for me, the lowest of men, kneeling suppliant in thy presence,
the grace which may enable me to live a just life on earth,
and reign with the just in heaven,
whilst with the faithful throughout the world,

O Queen of the most holy Rosary, I salute thee and cry out:
Queen of the most holy Rosary, pray for us!
Mention your intentions….

(Indulgence: 500 days, per Leo XIII, July 3, 1886)

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