Opie Dopie SupaDupaNumerary Chilean Mayor Celebrates Sodomy

Opie Dopie SupaDupaNumerary Chilean Mayor Celebrates Sodomy

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1. Supernumerary of Opus Dei raises the banner of the gay lobby to “celebrate the day of sexual diversity” (Supernumerario del Opus Dei iza la bandera del lobby gay para “celebrar el día de la diversidad sexual”)

Gabriel Ariza
25 May, 2017

Joaquín Lavín is mayor of Las Condes (Santiago) and one of the most outstanding members of the Opus Dei Prelature in Chile. The measure has provoked the indignation of a good part of the faithful of the prelature in the country.

The custom of ingratiating itself with the barbarians, so generalized in certain lay environments, has reached a new dimension in the Chilean municipality of Las Condes.

Las Condes is a commune of the northeastern sector of the city of Santiago de Chile that, along with Providencia and the Santiago commune, represent the commercial, financial and tourist axis of the Chilean capital. It is inhabited primarily by families of high and medium socioeconomic status.

The mayor, Joaquín Lavín, was minister of education and social development of the country and mayor of Santiago. He has also been a candidate for the presidency of Chile. Supernumerary of Opus Dei, he is the father of seven children.

On May 17, on the occasion of the day of “sexual diversity,” Lavin made a decision that is a blow to the country’s advocates of freedom. The initiative – motivated by the Movilh – seeks to “celebrate the international day against homophobia and transphobia.”

Lavin himself breastfed his Twitter account:


Much has changed Lavin for four years, when he said, in the same social network, that allowing gay marriage “contradicts Christian values” … It is already known that a conservative is nothing more than a progressive with the backward clock.

The opposition has not been slow to arrive, and PatricK Bopp, councilman of the municipality, has openly expressed his rejection of the mayor’s measure in the same social network:


Quiero desmarcarme tajantemente.
Creo en la tolerancia y el respeto a la diversidad, pero jamás promoveré el trabajo del Movilh

Google translation:


I want to make myself.
I believe in tolerance and respect for diversity, but I will never promote the work of MOVILH [acronym for the Chilean Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Homosexual Movement for Integration and Liberation)]

2. The supernumerary Lavín, in favor of homosexuals adopting children (El supernumerario Lavín, a favor de que los homosexuales adopten niños)

Gabriel Ariza
August 26, 2017

Joaquín Lavín is mayor of Las Condes (Santiago) and one of the most outstanding members of the Opus Dei Prelature in Chile. A attended the Chilevisión program “Last Mirada”, where he assessed the issue of adoption of children by homosexual couples: “I think these things should be discussed.”

The mayor of Las Condes (Chile) and supernumerary of Opus Dei, Joaquín Lavín, is ready to do everything in his quest to reach greater heights of power. If last month of May was news for raising the flag of the tyranny of the LGTB lobby in the town hall, today goes a step further.

In the face of the debate that has arisen regarding homoparental adoption, Lavín has been open to the possibility that same-sex couples can adopt minors. “I think those things should be discussed,” he says. In order to substantiate his position, the mayor recounts a case he met in Las Condes, where a minor was raised by a couple of men because his family was a drug addict. “They gave it to her many years ago and she’s there, she must be seven or eight years old, I know her, I’ve seen her, and she’s happy,” says Lavín.

For this situation, he says: “Sometimes I think, what is in the Sename? With whom will it be better? ” In the same vein, he continues: “With those two men who are there, who want it? Or in the Sename? ” Likewise, Lavin himself responds: “With those two men who are there. I do not close myself to those things. I believe that these things should be discussed, and in any case must be respected. ”

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