Pro-Mass-Immigration Francis Continues In Hot Water

Pro-Mass-Immigration Francis Continues In Hot Water

The Italian daily “Il Giornale” published an op-ed by its editor-in-chief, Alessandro Sallusti, criticizing Pope Francis’ push to grant citizenship to everybody born in Italy. Francis is fighting side by side with the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, a [former] Communist.

According to Sallusti, Francis, “holed up and protected in his city-state-fortress tells us that we have to welcome everybody unconditionally.”

Sallusti’s question, “Is it possible to make a Pope King, who is also a bit of a Marxist, understand that in a democracy the citizens decide not the sovereigns or the cardinals?”

He adds, “If the faithful would have decided, Bergoglio would now not be on the Chair of Saint Peter but in retirement in some parish in Buenos Aires.”

Sallusti further points out that the present Italian Prime Minister has no democratic legitimation, “That two unelected persons try to mark the future of Italy is indeed a dangerous thing.”

Of the 149 commentaries underneath the article not a single one is in favor of Francis.

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