Pope Francis In Troubles Over Leftwing Partisan Politics

Pope Francis In Troubles Over Leftwing Partisan Politics


In his document for the Day of the Migrant – published now although it is dated 14 January 2018 – Pope Francis asks, that children of illegal immigrants who are born in the new country, be given citizenship automatically (ius soli). This demand is supported by leftwing parties and former Communists.

In the document Francis puts “personal security” against “national security”, although they belong together, saying that the first is always to put before the second, an unfortunate statement in the light of the recent Barcelona terror attacks.

The Italian politician Matteo Salvini replied to Francis on Twitter, “If Pope Francis wants the ius soli in the Vatican, let him have it.” Salvini adds that Italy grants 200’000 citizenships a year, unlike the Vatican which rarely grants passports to anybody.

Tony Iwobi, a Nigeria born member of Salvini’s party Lega Nord accuses Francis of being one of the architects “of this wicked invasion of fake refugees and of the crazy politics of opening the doors to immigration.”

Iwobi adds: “Pope Francis went to Lampedusa with open arms inviting the desperate from all over the world to Italy. From now on, anyone who arrives here shall be sent directly to the Vatican at the expense of the Church and the Pontiff. Matteo Salvini is right, our Pope is Benedict XVI.”

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