Lame-duck Chilean President Bachelet, after abortion victory, comes to “star” in the Vatican

Lame-duck Chilean President Bachelet, after abortion victory, comes to “star” in the Vatican

[After legalizing abortion (which Chilean Cardinal Medina referred to as an “atrocity”), Chile’s pro-abortion president wants to ‘liberate’ transgender kids, push LGBT; hat-tip to Pewsitter]

[The agnostic and the neo-gnostic]

By Marco Tosatti
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The Constitutional Court of Chile rejected, with six votes against four yesterday, the request to judge unconstitutional the law introducing legal abolition in the country.

Chile was one of the six countries in the world where the destruction of the unborn child was not allowed.

Now in Chile, abortion will be possible in three cases: rape, genetic diseases that it make impossible the survival of the unborn child, and the risk to the mother’s life.

Abortion may occur during the first 12 weeks of childbirth.

In a week, August 28 , we will know if and how the right to conscientious objection can be invoked.

In the bill issued by the Congress, it is stated that all doctors and health professionals can resort to a cause of conscience and not to come to an abortion.
But the law does not clarify whether health institutions can also benefit from that clause.

When “Chile vamos”, the movement that tried to make the law unconstitutional, presented its arguments to the Tribunal, they pointed out this point.

It remains to be seen now whether the cause of conscientious objection is considered valid, and whether the health centers can also use it, forbidding their staff to cooperate.

But there is also the danger that the Constitutional Court could decide that the objection of conscience cannot be applied under any circumstances;

In this way all doctors and medical staff would be obliged to intervene, and to stop pregnancy, if required under the law.

The biggest sponsor of this law is certainly the outgoing Republican President, Michelle Bachelet, who said women, democracy and the whole country have won.

“Depending on abortion for these three reasons is a basis for protection and dignity for each of our compatriots, and what has earned us is the tolerance, the humanization of our laws, the understanding that not all women are the same, neither in terms of their beliefs nor in terms of their real, personal, family or emotional potential to deal with such situations.”

No wonder Michelle Bachelet, who is officially agnostic and has always been in favor of abortion, has been one of the major promoters of the law.

Bachelet, inter alia, after a first presidency, between 2006 and 2010, since she was not immediately re-elected, had been appointed as the first executive director of a newly created United Nations agency: Equality of Gender and Transfer of Powers to Women (UN Women).

After the death of Pinochet and the return of democracy, Bachelet had worked as a consultant to the Pan-American Health Organization and the World Health Organization;
two agencies that have in their agenda the spread of abortion on a worldwide level.

Named Minister of Health in Chile, Bachelet also proposed the introduction of the morning-after pill (blocked by a Supreme Court ruling) and policies conducive to abortion.

A very clear curriculum

And, as a result, it is even more surprising that a person who has promoted this type of agenda throughout her professional and political career, is invited – as it has been – to give a report to the Climate and Population Conference promoted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, managed by Msgr. Sorondo.

She is not the only one: there are other speakers in the same area of ​​thought that humans are the main problem of land and climate, and consequently their presence has to be reduced.

It must be remembered that climate science and climate change, though strongly propagated by many sectors, is far from safe; and there are many scientists who challenge the theory of global warming caused by man.

But strangely, Msgr. Sorondo does not invite them: he prefers a testimonial of a pro-abort like Michelle Bachelet.

But how strange this Pontifical Academy for Science!

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