Jesuit James Martin, advisor to the Pope, promotes an organization for the genital mutilation of children (i.e., transsexuality)

Jesuit James Martin, advisor to the Pope, promotes an organization for the genital mutilation of children (i.e., transsexuality)

Father James Martin SJ, an activist LGBTQUEER [if not one himself] appointed by the Pope as a Vatican advisor, promotes on Twitter the PFLAG organization, which is dedicated to normalizing homosexuality and transsexuality among children.

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Gabriel Ariza
August 18, 2017

James Martin has done it again. For the umpteenth time, the priest, who is in full promotion of his book (just announced the “corrected and augmented” reprint of the book “building a bridge to the collective LGBTQUEER”), has launched a tweet to social networks that has caused surprise:

I’m grateful to this organization of family members and friends of LGBT people, who do so much to help LGBT youth in particular. Many thanks

If you dive a little in the PFLAG organization, to which you congratulate and thank James Martin, you will find one of the white marks with which the LGTBI lobby accedes to the children in the schools of the United States.

Among its fundamental objectives are: To enrich LGBT people and promote “inclusive laws” and create a world where LGBT difference “is celebrated.” His work is mainly in school.

Yesterday, PFLAG tweeted a story written by the mother of a child whom she treats as a child. The 5-year-old recently fulfilled creature has assumed the role of being a child and is preoccupied with an uncertain childhood. A precious story for PFLAG.

From ‘depressed’ financier to Jesuit priest

James J. Martin, also called Jim Martin, was born on December 29, 1960. He is a Jesuit priest, writer and publisher of the Jesuit magazine America . He grew up in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, and now lives in a Jesuit community in midtown Manhattan.

After studying at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Martin lived six years in New York. He worked as a financier in a large company, as collected by However, he felt unhappy.

According to Martin himself, his life changed after seeing the documentary “Merton: A Film Biography”, which showed the life Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk who after living and working in New York decided to continue his religious vocation. In James Martin’s book “My Life with the Saints,” he explains how much he transformed that movie. “I still remember his expression, much happier than the one I saw in the mirror every morning. His life, that monastic life, seemed exotic, mysterious, romantic. ”

However, his “call” was after reading the book “The Mountain of the Seven Circles”. Martin says that after reading it, “I knew for sure what I wanted to do. For me, that was my call, “he explains. James Martin has been in the order of the Jesuits for 28 years and ordained as a priest.

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