The Answer???

Please accept my apologies in advance if this post offends your sensibilities; I am outraged over what the terrorists are doing to us in the name of their god – whoever they claim that might be. You see, I have two sons: one of whom served in law enforcement for over 20 years and one who is serving as a firefighter-paramedic even now. They are charged with having to protect and/or rescue their fellow-citizens from the effects of what these deranged terrorists are doing.

I am retired now but in my 24 yr AF career I learned that one must “fight fire with fire” in order to put an end to what these deranged minds are plotting against us. And so I say, we must kill them before they kill us. We must use every tool available to us, including infiltrating their networks with our own informants and, in the event we find them in the act of terrorism, dispatch them quickly to their eternal home. In order to kill a snake one must cut off its head and we ought to begin doing that ASAP.

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