What’s So Funny?

What is wrong with the above picture? (taken from an article in Lifesite News entitled: “Pope Francis: ‘I do not feel that Cardinal Burke is my adversary’”) You can read the article at: www.lifesitenews.com/news/pope-francis-i-do-not-feel-that-cardinal-burke-is-my-adversary
Should these two be laughing and kidding with each other considering the state of today’s Church and considering what the Pope has done to Cardinal Burke in terms of his position in the hierarchy? I don’t know – it just doesn’t seem right to me.

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2 comments on “What’s So Funny?

  1. null

    On His Eminence’s part: Stockholm syndrome or masochism?

    On His Holiness’ part: Schadenfreude or sadism?

  2. Meet Cardinal Burke, Paper Tiger Extraordinaire

    AUG 17, 2017
    Posted by Mundabor

    Wannabe hero without the battle Cardinal Burke is having a whale of a time.

    After the most scandalous dereliction of duty for now sixteen months and – which makes it even worse – orthodox posturing without even acting on it, Cardinal Burke seems intentioned to sit on this fence ad infinitum, certainly counting on all the rosewater Catholics and Pollyanna resisters dumb enough to believe, without any evidence to back their belief, that this man is every bit part of the solution rather than of the problem.

    Now, the Cardinal has once again ventilated that – at some point, in future, no one knows when – a formal correction could come; and that – mirabile dictu! – this correction might contain some faint meowing of criticism of the Pope for failing to defend Truth; which is exactly what the Cardinal himself is doing even as he criticises others for it.

    One must appreciate the game: eternal posturing without ever acting; paper tiger extraordinaire; professional fence sitter.

    Cardinal Burke is literally having his cake and eating it; courtesy of the dumbness of too many lukewarm faithful, desperately on the look for a hero whilst Our Lord is spitted in the face every day. He should be ashamed of himself.

    Make no mistake: if Cardinal Burke were to proceed to a formal condemnation of Francis and his heresies tomorrow, his delay would still be gravely sinful. However, the correction itself would still be the desired, and expected, outcome. But what is happening now is truly ludicrous, and such that the Cardinal deserves open condemnation and mockery until he man up, rather than approval.

    By the bye, we are now past the Assumption and I distinctly remember the Cardinal stating that after the Epiphany any time could be right for the correction, implying January, February at the latest.

    Beware of the paper tigers. They are not your friends, or Christ’s.

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