FOUR TRAITORS: Fr. James Martin, Fr. Thomas Rosica, Fr. Bryan Massingale and Fr. Timothy Radcliffe

FOUR TRAITORS: Fr. James Martin, Fr. Thomas Rosica, Fr. Bryan Massingale and Fr. Timothy Radcliffe

Guard your souls and the souls of your loved ones.

[A good summary of the foul deeds of that gang of four, but as usual Mikey overlooks the overarching one – Francis, Bishop of Rome]

Michael Voris
the Vortex
August 17, 2017


With so many leaders in the Church in open rebellion to Her and Her divinely revealed teachings, it’s worth alerting people to the treachery. Currently, in the English-speaking world at any given moment, you will find some combination of the following four priests, spreading error and sowing confusion anywhere they can gain an audience. And because of their influence in Church circles, they gain entrance to many many audiences.

First, the big four are Fr. James Martin, Fr. Thomas Rosica, Fr. Bryan Massingale and Fr. Timothy Radcliffe. Combined, they form the leading edge of a public relations campaign to introduce doubt and confusion into the minds of as many Catholics who will give them a hearing.

One of the favorite topics for each of them is how the Church’s teachings on sexual morality can essentially be ignored, sidelined or downplayed and even rejected. This is especially true in the arena of homosexuality and even gender dysphoria — the mental illness commonly referred to as transgenderism. Simply stated, they all think the Church is wrong in Her magisterial teachings. They are always suggesting, to young minds in particular, that the teachings are outdated and sooner or later the Church will amend them and get in step with the culture.

A couple weeks ago, Fr. Thomas Rosica was given access to over 100 young people at a Theology on Tap event hosted by the archdiocese of Chicago under Cdl. Cupich. On stage with Rosica was the out and proud homosexual writer for America Magazine — a Jesuit publication — Michael O’Loughlin. It’s ironic to have them speak at an event with the name “Theology” in it because what they offer is their own distorted perceptions and opinions — definitely not theology.

Then, of course, there is Fr. James Martin, who is on a personal non-stop campaign to get the Church to change its teaching on the psychological disorder of homosexuality. The homosexualist priest will be the keynote speaker at the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre this coming October in New York with Cdl. Timothy Dolan’s smiling acceptance of course. And now reports are that Martin will be addressing a gathering of elementary and high school teachers of the archdiocese of New York on September 19 at the Westchester County Convention Center — more poison, more treachery, more deceit.

Father Bryan Massingale, as recently as last year’s Religious Education Congress in the archdiocese of Los Angeles, stood on stage and after a roughly 45-minute, cleverly twisted, cherry-picked presentation before a sizeable crowd in the main arena, declared what Church teaching is — you can disobey Church teaching — conveniently in the area of sexuality. The next day he was present on stage at the gender dysphoria conference, lending his support to more evil.

And just as Fr. Rosica has carte blanche at just about any diocese he shows up at, so too does Fr. Martin, likewise protected by higher-ups, so too does Fr. Massingale, who was given at least tacit permission to speak by L.A. Archbishop Jose Gomez and Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, the former master of the Dominicans for nearly all of the 1990s. This man described homosexuality as “eucharistic” in that a great sharing and sacrifice for the other occurs. Radcliffe is the untouchable — a cleric who must have extremely influential protectors because he is rarely if ever denied access or rebuked by anyone in the hierarchy.

All four of these high-profile men continually travel the Catholic world. Seminaries are a favorite haunt of Rosica when he’s not pumping his poison out through the Salt + Light television deception he runs in Canada. Martin, of course, has invented himself as a secular media “go to” for all matters gay and Catholic, providing him a perfect springboard to deceive many. Massingale and Radcliffe are more like inside men, doing most of their damage at Catholic conferences and retreats where they can pervert the minds of many, at least nominal Catholics, many of whom are looking for an excuse to bypass the Church’s teachings.

Regardless of their venues, they each are protected and promoted by men higher up the food chain who are happy to let them do the public side of what they privately wish to accomplish. Men like this embrace young men who are sexually confused and assure them that their disordered passions are good and the Church is wrong. This is what priests of this mind told me in my younger years in the midst of confusion and sin.

They lie to souls in crisis to make themselves feel better about their own personal sin and evil. And they are given unfettered access to such souls at diocesan conferences, Theology on Tap events, seminarians who they try to corrupt before ordination and the rest of the speaking circuit. When they aren’t peddling their poison in front of live crowds and audiences, they are writing books, articles, granting interviews and keeping themselves front and center with a great assist from their friends in so-called Catholic media, including Church of Nice Establishment outfits who rarely say anything about this wicked strategy. It is a constant stream of evil and treachery coming from these men — thinly disguised as social justice efforts or caring for human rights.

Father Timothy Radcliffe has even assumed the directorship of the Las Casas Institute in England, dedicated to the promotion of social justice causes and human rights — two incredibly elastic terms which mean essentially whatever you want them to mean.

Hillary Clinton, for example, famously said that gay rights are human rights, something it would be difficult to imagine any of these four men disagreeing with given their hundreds of public comments, not to mention more private ones.

It would be hard to find a more frightful foursome of clergy than these four, not necessarily because of any intellectual prowess per se but because they have positioned themselves or been positioned to have easy and constant access to the laity who can be easily deceived.

The laity deserves to know the wicked agenda these men spread throughout the Catholic world. None of these men should ever be allowed near young minds or those that teach young minds. The laity also needs to understand that these men are protected, which means that there are many above them who are more hidden but no less dangerous.

Indeed, if any public scandal ever erupted over any one of them, they would simply be replaced and the agenda would simply continue to be pressed without him. This is the state of affairs in many quarters of the Church these days, and very few are saying anything about it, so someone has to.

Guard your souls from these Catholic impostors. They use the Church and Her resources to promote their own personal agendas. And they are protected by others who are in league with them.

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One comment on “FOUR TRAITORS: Fr. James Martin, Fr. Thomas Rosica, Fr. Bryan Massingale and Fr. Timothy Radcliffe

  1. Sexual Revolution in the Church


    The parallels of this sexual revolution in society and in the Church are uncanny

    [Brad also overlooks the pope behind the curtain]


    by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th. • ChurchMilitant • August 17, 2017

    The Sexual Revolution exalting consequence-free sex in the 1960s is now shaking the Catholic Church, with the court of private conscience trampling down God’s laws on sexual morality.

    Dissident clerics like Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., former head of the Dominican order, are getting bolder in pushing sex without consequences. According to an article published recently on the Dominican’s official website, Fr. Radcliffe is advocating for a relaxation of Church law that forbids active adulterers from receiving the sacraments.

    “We’re in a similar moment now, when faced by so many good people whose marriage has collapsed — honest, kind people — now we, as the pope in the third century, have to say mercy must prevail,” said Fr. Radcliffe.

    The article summarizes his beliefs as follows: “If divorced people can face their own responsibility and failure, if they faced up to what they had done and been, then maybe the best thing was for them to come back to the medicine of the Eucharist.” No mention is made, however, that to receive Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin is spiritually damaging.

    In his talk, Fr. Radcliffe pits a Catholic’s private conscience against Church teaching, saying that to stand on Church teaching is a type of absolutism and a “tyranny of tradition at the exclusion of creativity.” This creativity for Radcliffe is following one’s conscience, which at times can be contrary to Church teaching.

    The parallels of this sexual revolution in society and in the Church are uncanny. As the secular courts trampled underfoot the laws of the people in the United States since the 1960s regarding contraception, divorce and remarriage, abortion and same-sex marriage, so too in the Church. The court of private conscience has trampled on the same Catholic moral laws.

    Contracepting married couples were allowed to receive Holy Communion in the 1960s by dissident or weak clerics if the couples were not bothered by it in their consciences. Next, Catholic pro-abortion politicians were allowed to do the same. Now, sexually active Catholic adulterers and active homosexuals are told they too can receive the sacraments if they feel no guilt in their conscience.

    The bishops of Germany last December said, “We priests are not here to replace a person’s conscience. Francis wants us to be spiritual companions and not lords over people’s faith.”

    Similarly, the bishops of Malta this January warned their priests not to refuse anyone who lives in objective sin from receiving the sacraments: “If … a separated or divorced person who is living in a new relationship manages … to acknowledge and believe that he or she is at peace with God, he or she can not be precluded from participating in the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.”

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