Benedict XVI Ratzinger: From defender of the Faith to abdicator of the Papacy

[Benedict XVI Ratzinger: From defender of the Faith to abdicator of the Papacy]

Hilary White‏

[After shutting down her “What’s Up With Francis Church” blog and facebook, and other than occasional articles published in The Remnant and elsewhere, Twitter is Hilary’s only avenue of ongoing comment on ongoing religious matters]

So all the way back in 1986 “conservative” Ratzinger was persecuting[!? Shouldn’t that say “defending”?] the Faith through his office, only to abdicate it entirely in the end.


Ohhh hohoho!!! Isn’t THIS interesting! Anne wrote in 1986. Who at that time in CDF was being lenient with Hans Kung [and] harsh with Lefebvre?


Source: The Desolate City: Revolution in the Catholic Church Paperback; by Anne Roche Muggeridge.

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3 comments on “Benedict XVI Ratzinger: From defender of the Faith to abdicator of the Papacy

  1. Is it Anne Roche Muggeridge in The Desolate City: Revolution in the Catholic Church? Here’s a 2015 article on the book by Hilary White:

    “The book’s theme is an examination of the historical pattern of revolution in the secular realm and its application to the ecclesial scene, mainly, though not only, in the period immediately following Vatican II. Being more than a tedious list of Catholic grievances against the current regime, it remains today a fascinating read, and I think an essential one for those who want to understand the nature of the crisis.”

    • “Give that man a cigar.”

      Searching the contents of that book on Google Books by quotes from the passage that Hilary cites in her tweet – will give only a few of the results, which (for some reason or other) do not include any from page 43.

      Nonetheless, Cyprian’s supplying the author’s complete name and title of the book gaves sufficient data to match the passage to that book.

      The British Latin Mass Society chairman, Dr. Joseph Shaw, quotes that passage (and more) on his blog in Anne Roche Muggeridge on Liberalism’s tragic trajectory.

      I should have realized that, because I read the book when it was originally published and heard the author speak at Magdalen College in its early days.

      She was the daughter-in-law of the great convert Malcolm Muggeridge, died on September 10, 2010, and was memorialized by LifeSiteNews in Anne Muggeridge Remembered as Great Pro-Life Activist and ‘Valiant Defender of Catholic Faith’.

      I have corrected the source in my above comment.

  2. Another interesting passage from The Desolate City (hat-tip to Goodreads):

    For what, in actual practice, should the critical, mature modernist Christian do when, for instance, he gathers his children around him to celebrate Christmas? Should he read Luke’s Christmas Gospel and sing the Christmas carols as if they were true, even though he believes them to be crude and primitive theology? After all, the rest of his society has no scruples about doing this, the pagans and the department stores. Or if this seems too cynical, too dishonest, ought he rather, in the manner of early socialist Sunday schools, to devise a passionately rationalist catechesis, swap German for German, chant a passage from Bultmann instead of ‘Joy to the World!’; ought he rather to gather his little ones about the Crib, light the candles, and read Raymond Brown instead of St. Luke on the virginal conception of Jesus: ‘My judgment in conclusion is that the totality of the scientifically controllable evidence leaves an unresolved problem.’ How their eyes will shine, how their little hearts will burn within them as they hear these holy words! How touched they will all be as the littlest child reverently places a shining question mark in the empty manger. And how they will rejoice when they find their stockings, which they have hung up to a Protestant parody of a Catholic bishop, stuffed with subscriptions to ‘Concilium,’ ‘Catholic Update,’ ‘National Catholic Reporter,’ and ‘The Tablet.

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