Lourdes Shrine Forbidden to Ship Water

France’s new rules crack down on miraculous water for “hygienic reasons”

[Not included in the list of “dangerous goods” (hazardous materials) prohibited in international mail; nonetheless, it must be “dangerous”, because it might work and convert skeptics such as Alexis Carrel (see This Agnostic Scientist Converted After Witnessing a Miracle at Lourdes)]

by Anita Carey • ChurchMilitant • August 16, 2017

LOURDES, France – Officials from the Lourdes Shrine in France have been forbidden to ship water owing to new regulations based on “hygienic reasons.”

The springs at Lourdes have been the site of thousands of cures and countless conversions to the Catholic faith. To date, 69 miraculous cures have been recognized by the Church through the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes. The first was recognized in 1862, with the most recent recognition in 2013. In order for a cure to be miraculous, it must go through a rigorous examination from numerous medical specialists to ensure the cure is “complete and lasting,” a process that can take years and even decades.

Letter from the sanctuary at Notre Dame of Lourdes

In May, new rules from France’s government have effectively shut down shipments of the miraculous water from the sanctuary at the Lourdes Shrine. Church Militant obtained a copy of a letter from the Shrine stating, “Unfortunately the sanctuary is no longer able to send water from the Grotto as in the past.” It goes on to say that “increasing constraining” new rules came into effect on May 1, 2017, and “from a legal point of view, the sanctuary no longer has the right to dispatch water for hygienic reasons.”

Pilgrims are still able to get water if they come to the sanctuary, but the official website no longer allows requests for water. The website only receives Mass intentions, petitions and requests to place candles at the site.

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