German Bishop: Homosexuality is Not a Sin

German Bishop: Homosexuality is Not a Sin

Father Peter Kohlgraf, the appointed bishop of Mainz, Germany, was asked by the daily Mainzer Allgemeinen Zeitung whether homosexuality is a sin. His answer, “The Catholic Church has never claimed that.”

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines homosexuality as the tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex or as sexual activity with another of the same sex. The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls this “acts of grave depravity”, which “under no circumstances can they be approved” (CCC 2357).

Kohlgraf will be consecrated a bishop on August 27.

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One comment on “German Bishop: Homosexuality is Not a Sin

  1. Homosexuality And Sodomy Explained

    AUG 16, 2017
    Posted by Mundabor

    Homosexuality is not a sin. Why? Because it is not an action. It is not something that you do or omit to do.

    Homosexuality is something one is. One is homosexual, paedophile, incestuous, attracted to animals, etc. But the tendency in itself is not a sin.

    The tendency in itself is a perversion. The tendency is perverted (Latin: per, which often means “wrong”, as in the English, Latin-derived word perjury, and versio, “direction”.

    A pervert has his inclinations and desires going in the wrong direction: towards people of the same sex, relatives, children, animals.

    So no, homosexuality is not a sin in itself. Homosexuality is a perversion in itself.

    The perversion will then predispose to the sin, and will do so in a very violent way. When the devil has taken hold of a soul to the extent that the perversion has festered, has consolidated its presence within the person, then it is obvious that the devil has taken a strong bridgehead. This will create a very strong tendency to commit acts – with the mere thoughts, to which the pervert assents, or with physical action like sodomy – which are sins.

    How strong this is can be observed continuously, when the pervert declares that he is that way, or was born that way. What the man is saying is that his assent to the perverted thoughts has become so strong that he is even unable or unwilling to dissociate it from the essence of what he is, from the way he defines himself.

    This is a very strong sign of Reprobation, as it shows that the man is, so to speak, Satan’s occupied territory and only God’s grace will be able to motivate him to get out from the path to hell very clearly laid before him.

    Therefore, Bishop Kohlgraf of (soon) Mainz is deceiving and betraying his flock when he simply states that homosexuality is not a sin without saying what it is and what it does to a soul. [Emphasis in original]

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