Bishop Attacks A Straw Man

Bishop Attacks A Straw Man

Radical Bishop Mario Grech of Gozo, Malta, published a pastoral letter on “hope” using it to hammer those who criticize his controversial permission for adulterers to receive Holy Communion.

“Unfortunately, there exist prophets of doom, who in their religious zeal, are more prone to focus on the defect rather than the much good there is in man; they get stuck in considering the mistake rather than appreciating the efforts, however small but sincere, that a person tries to make to rise up on his feet; they are more interested in defending the letter of the law than the person.”

This kind of argument is called a “straw man”. It gives the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while in reality refuting an argument, that was never presented. Such a logical fallacy is used when defeating an “enemy” is valued higher than critical thinking or understanding of an argument.

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