Sodomite “Pilgrims” Greet Pope Francis

Sodomite “Pilgrims” Greet Pope Francis

During the Angelus of Pope Francis on Sunday, August 13, a banner appeared carrying the text “Gay and lesbian pilgrims greet Pope Francis”. According to the Communist Italian paper Il Manifesto it belonged to a group of [dissident] “Catholic” homosexualists who undertook a march from Siena to Rome. Vatican security did not intervene to remove the provocation.

[Addendum by AQ moderator Tom from Fr. Gruner goes to … (Not necessarily to show agreement with Fr. Gruner but a double standard by Vatican officials and security in treating “controversial” left- and right-wing Catholics]

Fr. Gruner’s October 2013 appearance in St. Peter’s Square was treated as a “provocation” by Vatican security:

Gruner getting asked to leave the Vatican by security in October 2013.

In October 2013, Fr. Gruner visited the Vatican where he kicked off his “‘Consecrate Russia’ Campaign in Rome”.  While at St. Peter’s Square he was told by the head of the Vatican’s security, “Don’t go near the Pope!” and kicked out three times in two days!

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