Hmm…Does this Explain Pope Benedict’s Abdication?

Hmm…Does this Explain Pope Benedict’s Abdication?

Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer on SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2017

Honestly…admit it…you wonder about Pope Benedict’s abdication. Many thought he must be seriously ill or seeing sings of dementia, but here we are almost five years later and Pope Benedict, while frail as one would expect of a man his age, continues to be clear in mind. Did he really abdicate because he didn’t have the energy to attend World Youth Day and gallivant around the world?

I suspect there’s a lot more to the story. So do many others. So check out the scenario described in the article below and scratch your head. If the pope was “forced out,” my understanding is that he is still the pope. And the fact that he continues to wear the papal white has always been confusing. Where in history have we had a “pope emeritus?” Anti-popes, yes; three men claiming to be pope at one time, yes; but never a “pope emeritus.”

Democrat Fingers in the Vatican Pie: Did Obama Force Benedict’s Abdication? [Entitled by Canon212 as “REPORT: FRANCIS’ DEATHVATICAN DONATED HEAVILY TO HILLARY!”]

Especially note this from the article:

According to Laporta, Milone [supervisor of Vatican’s finances] was nosing around in the ambiguous maneuvers alleged to have brought about an approximately $1-million donation to Hillary Clinton’s electoral campaign, taken from Peter’s Pence. Rumors about it were already circulating in February 2016, when Laporta gathered leaks by a secret source, ironically called “Pretino” (“Little Priest”), who declared that the Vatican was providing Clinton with financial aid but that Trump would win the election thanks to an FBI investigation against Clinton. According to Laporta, it is not by chance that at the same time as Milone resigned, Cardinal George Pell was being investigated on allegations of sexual abuse for events that had occurred forty years ago. Someone was trying to divert attention from the Peter’s Pence story, and at the same time was indirectly reassuring all subjects potentially involved in the scandal that silence would be maintained.

And here’s an excerpt from another article on OnePeter5 by its founder Steve Skojec (where the article above originated). It would be well to reflect on its message:

I had a conversation with someone the other day who told me a story. He said that when he was young, he went to confession, and for some reason he asked his confessor the question, “What would happen if we had a bad pope who was really damaging the Church? What would we do?”

“I couldn’t have imagined it would ever happen,” he said to me. “I don’t know why I asked, but I did.”

The wise old confessor said to him, “What do you think people did in the middle ages when popes were accusing popes and fighting over the throne and there were antipopes rivaling real popes? They put their heads down, they prayed, they studied, they taught their children, they lived their faith, and they protected those who would become the next generation of priests, bishops, and cardinals.”

“Until very recently, I kept thinking we needed to form some kind of organized resistance,” my friend said to me. “But now, I realize this is what we must do.”

This same person told me another story, about a wise bishop who was faced with great challenges in his diocese. Loss of faith, disinterested people, parishes a mess…just a range of seemingly unsolvable problems.

“What can you do?” My friend asked.

“Focus on becoming a saint,” the bishop replied. “Taking action can only accomplish so much, but one saint can convert an entire country.”

So I guess we have our marching orders: BECOME A SAINT! Pray hard! Sacrifice for Holy Mother Church. Don’t jump ship. And never, ever give up. Hope and fortitude are the virtues we especially need in these challenging times.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Our Lady, Mother of the Church, intercede for us.

St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, pray for us.

All you pope saints and martyrs, and all the heavenly host, pray for us.

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