Fr. Gruner goes to Bayside, New York

[To modify a phrase used in a recent Civilta Cattolica article: “Ecumenism of folly!”] 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Fr. Gruner goes to Bayside, New York 

***** UPDATED – 8 AUGUST 2017 – SEE BOTTOM OF POST *****

In the summer of 2014, the late Fr. Gruner (aka the Fatima Priest) went to Bayside, New York to talk about his favorite subject, the apparitions at Fatima.  Bayside, for those readers who have never heard of it, is where one Veronica ‘the voice-box of god’ Lueken claims to have been visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus the Christ, angels, and numerous saints.  These so-called apparitions have never been approved of and the local bishop DiMarzio was vehemently against Fr. Gruner’s visit.  So much so that he issued a statement about it. (click here to read DiMarzio’s letter)

More specifically Gruner went to the Vatican Pavilion next to the Maloof Skate(boarding) Park in Flushing Meadows, New York.  This is the same pavilion which temporarily housed the tiara of Paul VI (see The Day Paul VI Ditched The Tiara) at the World’s Fair in 1964/5 in New York City.

One can listen to the short words Gruner gave while there below.
Saturday, 21 June 2014

That wasn’t the only talk Gruner gave.  He was also the headline speaker at the Banquet held at the LaGuardia Marriott Hotel.  Fr. Gruner was followed by Michael Mangan whose talk was about how Fatima and the Bayside apparitions are intimately connected.

the following photos and screenshots below are taken from SMWA 44th Anniversary Report

Don’t miss Fr. Gruner at the 44th Anniversary Celebration – Tickets $55.00!
 Veronica Lueken, the self-called voice box of God.
Fr. Gruner believed Francis will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.
Gruner with other presbyters at the event
Gruner inspiring the crowd with his speech (see above)
Gruner and James Donohue, vice-president of 
St. Michael’s World Apostolate (Bayside Apparition group)
Fr. Gruner and Fr. Terry Brennan
Fr. Gruner, Fr. Terry Brennan, and Fr. Justin McCreedy
Look proof it’s an apparition!
(quote from the SMWA website description: 
“A miraculous photo taken of Fr. Munoz and other Bayside devotees.”)

More goofy lights.

Why it must be a miracle!
Bayside devotees raise their rosaries skyward towards, 
Handing out blessed roses.
(quote from the SMWA website description:
“All roses are blessed by Jesus and Mary with the power of cure and conversion…
We receive many testimonials of the power of these mystical roses.”) 
Kissing the Crucifix on Veronica Lueken’s rosary which 
allegedly was kissed by the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Gruner captivates the crowd at the banquet.
Followers of the Bayside Apparition turned out to hear Gruner speak.
Gruner most likely said something along the lines of, 
“If only Francis knew the importance of consecrating Russia!”
Michael Mangan, president of the Bayside group, St. Michael’s World Apostolate, followed 
up Gruner’s talk with his own explaining how Fatima and Bayside are connected.
Gruner was the featured guest of honor.
It’s time for a blessing!
Questions & Answers session with Gruner.
Bayside isn’t the only cult out there.
The late Gruner.

Gruner receives a rose allegedly blessed by Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Gruner and his adoring Bayside fans.

Once again, kissing the Crucifix on Veronica Lueken’s rosary which 
allegedly was kissed by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This is yet another puzzling fact about Fr. Gruner.  How could he speak and participate in apparitions not only forbidden by the church but as seen from the above alleged messages — Veronica ‘the voice-box of god’ Lueken claimed to have received — obviously bogus?  This is right up there with Gruner having the Skver Hasidic sect rabbi, Mayer Schiller, appear in the Fatima video, ‘Heaven’s Key to Peace’ where this preacher of hate told everyone to pray for the consecration of Russia!  Fr. Gruner originally thought that Francis would be the Pope to consecrate Russia and bring about world peace because not only did Jorge Mario Bergoglio write him twice, a seer told Fr. Gruner that two popes after John Paul II would consecrate Russia!  Did Gruner have all the marbles in his head?

Christopher Ferrara & Fr. Gruner discuss Francis

(discussion on Francis starts at 10 minutes)
Letter from Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Fr. Gruner taken from, 
Gruner getting asked to leave the Vatican by security in October 2013.

In October 2013, Fr. Gruner visited the Vatican where he kicked off his “‘Consecrate Russia’ Campaign in Rome”.  While at St. Peter’s Square he was told by the head of the Vatican’s security, “Don’t go near the Pope!” and kicked out three times in two days!  Is this where Gruner’s disillusionment with Francis began and his pipe dream of Francis consecrating Russia died?  Earlier today, Dr. Peter Chojnowski revealed on his blog, RadTrad Thomist, that Fr. Gruner doubted Francis was the pope and instead believed it to be Benedict XVI.

What a confused and tormented individual Fr. Gruner was.  Interestingly, Dr. Chojnowski mentions a connection between Bp. Richard Williamson and Gruner — both also linked to the above mentioned Skver rabbi, Mayer Schiller.  Regardless, we at Call Me Jorge… wonder if the confused mind of Gruner was giving the true message of Fatima or a version which existed only in his head?  And what will be the fallout among traditional Catholics with this latest revelation?

The Fatima Center presents cooking with Fr. Nicholas

***** UPDATE – 8 AUGUST 2017 ***** 
Paul Kramer confirms information contained in Dr. Chojnowski’s post.
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13 comments on “Fr. Gruner goes to Bayside, New York

  1. Oh boy. Not a big surprise. I always kept Fr. G at arms length.

    Does anyone recall the Fatima Crusader from the early 90’s? It was rather apocalyptic and left me cold.

    Those who want to get to the heart of Fatima, there is no better resource than the little book, “Mother of Christ Crusade.” I’m glad that I read that and understood what Our Lady wanted before I ran into the Fatima Industry surrounding Fr. Gruner and all the Third Secret intrigue.

    • I was turned off by the Fatima Crusader too, and the mailings, always begging for money because otherwise “we’ll have to close down Our Lady’s apostolate.” Umpteen times in a row they used the same schtick. Somehow they never actually had to close down, even for a moment. It was perfectly clear that those appeals were written by a professional ad copy writer. All the typical tricks of the trade were used.
      I understand asking for donations for a good work, but would any good work use these dishonest Madison Avenue tactics?
      There was also more than a touch of the Armageddon-is-near attitude of fringe Protestant sects like the JWs.

      As for Bayside…sheesh, what can one say?
      Anyone who would have anything to do with that spiritual shyster Leuken either believes it to be true, and is therefore gullible as hell, or is cynically taking advantage of it for their own purposes, and is a fraud.

  2. Appears to be a hit piece to me.

  3. Someone’s attempt at associating him with either Garabandal or Bayside which he abides by the local bishops rulings.

    • Do the photos lie? Are they photo-shopped?

      • I’m not saying he wasn’t there. Did he actually say he believed Bayside was true?

        • Thank you.
          It’s an interesting question, but does it really matter?
          Like when modernist popes visit a synagogue and deliver an address, perhaps on some generic subject like how we need to work together for world peace.
          The implication is that the Jews, *as Jews* have something good to contribute.
          Here, the implication is that Baysiders, as Baysiders, have something good to contribute. They don’t. As Baysiders, they have nothing but diabolical error to contribute.
          And notice how Michael Mangan took full advantage of Fr. Gruner’s implied endorsement of Bayside, by delivering a follow-up talk that tried to say that Fatima and Bayside are compatible.

          Tradecumenism is Badecumenism, just like Modecumenism.

        • Why would he be there in such an involved manner (rather than as a discrete oberver) if he did not have some inclination of belief in it?

          As I prefaced the above post: If La Civilta Cattolica can call American “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” as an “ecumenism of hate,” I can call “Gruner(ites) and Baysiders together” as an “ecumenism of folly.”

          • As one internet poster put it ‘he’d promote the Fatima message to a fire hydrant’. Look, it took me back somewhat when I first read he’d gone to Bayside too but I find it hard to believe he actually did believe. Until I see more evidence… Odd though that after the deaths of gruner and vennari, no longer here to defend themselves, that this is released by wait a second, a rad trad site and not by a novus ordo site, esp. ones that abhor Gruner to the bone. I think i’ll wait for the fallout from others.

  4. Maybe Fr. Gruner was getting senile. However, he had the mind to keep his plans from John Vennari. Going to Bayside, appearing in their advertisements, and speaking at their conference is tantamount to giving his approval, whether he was clear on it or not.

    Suppose he headlined a Medjuhoochie conference? For that, I’d give him no credence whatsoever from there on out. This Bayside thing is just as bad.

    IMHO, the safest course is to ignore all apparitions since Fatima. Why? Because Our Lady’s messages have been all but ignored. She made it perfectly clear that the Good God was very angry, warned us of WWII, and then God sent us WWII. Does anyone get the message? God didn’t send her back with a second warning, but turned the world over to barbarians who murdered up to 200 million persons! Does anyone get the message?

    Why should she repeat herself? Why would her Son let her be put in the embarrassing position of repeating herself to a world that ignored her? “Only I can help you,” she said. Coming again, or even her Son coming with messages, couldn’t add one iota to what we’ve been told. And again I ask, does anyone get the message?

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