Hillary Clinton Politicizes Morality


Attempting to reinvent herself as a person of deep faith and conviction

by Anita Carey • ChurchMilitant • August 9, 2017

NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton, failed 2016 U.S. presidential candidate, has told a long-time pastor of hers that she wanted to preach, and she has told others that becoming an ordained Methodist minister was something she had thought about for quite some time.

At Clinton’s urging, Bill Shillady, the executive director for the United Methodist City Society, wrote Strong for a Moment Like This, a compilation of Biblical quotes written personally for her during her last campaign. Clinton “read and approved” it, agreeing to write the foreword for the book.

Clinton has long straddled politics and religion, thumping from a multitude of pulpits on various campaign trails during her long career in politics. She has not shied away from references to religion in her speeches, famously saying in 2015, “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.

Though Shillady insists his book isn’t political, he admits he wrote with “a newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other.” Throughout the book, he takes shots at Trump and sprinkles in reports on Clinton to further the narrative that her faith is important and has influenced her political record.

The book suggests Clinton has strong Christian roots, although her actions and the sheer number of controversies, too numerous to list, suggest otherwise. A WND article from 2015 describes her 22 biggest scandals involving deceit and corruption and shows her willful disregard for decency and honesty, even at a young age. At 27 years old, Clinton was fired by Jerry Zeifman who called her an “unethical, dishonest lawyer” and refused to give her a letter of recommendation. This was around the same time she defended a man accused of raping a 12-year-old, choosing to attack the character of the victim while laughing at the loss of evidence linking him to the crime.

When Bill and Hillary left the White House in 1999, their staff looted and vandalized the White House before George W. Bush took office. It cost taxpayers close to $5,000 to replace all the computer keyboards with missing “W” keys, and nearly $14,000 to repair the damage done to the White House.

Aside from her dishonesty, the most obvious of Clinton’s Christian failings is her long-standing support for abortion in any month of pregnancy. Supporting abortion up to just before birth seriously puts her at odds with the general rule of the Methodist Church of “Do no harm, avoiding evil of all kinds.

Clinton has said, “Every single child deserves the chance to live up to his or her God-given potential. That has been the cause of my life.” Yet she can reconcile this with supporting partial birth abortion. This may have something to do with the Methodist Church’s position on abortion.

The official Methodist website takes the position that abortion is a “complex issue.” On one hand, it says, “Our belief in the sanctity of unborn human life makes us reluctant to approve abortion,” while at the same time it justifies killing the pre-born saying in part, “we understand the need for women to have access to safe, legal abortions.

In October of last year, a WikiLeaks email dump exposed Clinton’s 2008 campaign chairman, John Podesta, admitting to creating the George Soros funded Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, as a way to organize dissident Catholics to push social justice issues in the Church. In those emails, Clinton allies discussed the need for a “Catholic Spring” where they use the widespread use of contraceptives as an opportunity to “plant the seeds of rebellion.” They are hoping “Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy” and propose the most successful rebellions start from “the bottom up.

Kristen Du Mez, a Calvin College professor, claims she found many “resonances” between Clinton’s speeches and her faith, saying “it was baffling to me that so many other Americans not only didn’t know she was Methodist but didn’t accept that she was Christian.” Most Christians should be familiar with Matthew 7:17-20 that states:

Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.

Perhaps this is the deep-seated cultural code that Clinton feels should be changed.

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  1. Church Lady: Well, well, we’re getting very pious and churchy, aren’t we?
    How convenient.

    Church Lady: She looks like a fine candidate for ministry, doesn’t she, Father?

    Church Lady: But back when a certain Slick Willy was in the White House things were a little different, weren’t they? I’m sure Methodists wouldn’t have any problem with Christmas tree ornaments shaped like naughty private parts, wouldn’t they?

    Slick Willy: I can explain that, Church Lady.

    Church Lady: I’m sure you can. And we would all just love to hear the explanation.

    Slick Willy: Well, you see, Church Lady, as the first progressive metrosexual Baby Boomer president installed as a puppet by the Illuminati, I made sure to fill my White House with secular progressives and liberal metrosexuals on the staff who are beyond traditional morality and who think Christmas traditions are funny.

    Church Lady: Well, isn’t that special?
    I wonder who would want to make fun of Christmas….Who could that be?

    Church Lady: Who could that be….

    Church Lady: Well, it couldn’t be the baby Jesus. No, he belongs in Christmas.
    So who could it be?

    Slick Willy: I just don’t know, Church Lady.

    Church Lady: Could it be….SATAN???

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