Followup on Deadly gunfire at Nigerian Catholic church

[Followup on Deadly gunfire at Nigerian Catholic church]

Report: Massacre at Nigerian parish was drug-related

Catholic World News – August 09, 2017

The recent shooting attack on a Nigerian parish was drug related, according to a report from the Fides news agency.

Twelve persons were killed and over 20 wounded in the attack on St. Philip Church in Ozubulu, Nigeria.

Citing local sources, the agency reported that former accomplices of a cocaine trafficker sought out their former associate during Mass at St. Philip Church in Ozubulu. Not finding him, they instead opened fire on his father and those sitting nearby.

Reference: AFRICA/NIGERIA – Drugs and crime behind massacre in a church at Ozubulu (Fides)

What happened During the Nigerian Shooting

Father Jude Onwuasor, the parish-priest of St. Philips Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Nigeria, has narrated how an unknown gunman killed 12 faithful during last Sunday’s Mass at 7 a.m. According to him, the gunman, dressed in black attire, executed two rounds of shootings. “We were about to introduce the prayers of the faithful when the whole trouble began.”

Joel Obunadike, who lost his uncle, his brother’s wife and a baby said to Vanguard they were facing the altar when the gunman shot them from behind.

“I did not rush out like others immediately and it was most of the people who tried to escape that were either killed or wounded.”

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