A Courageous Parish-Priest and a Cowardly Archbishop

A Courageous Parish-Priest and a Cowardly Archbishop


Marco di Just is a Scout leader in the parish of Staranzano, Italy, who in June entered a homosex-pseudo-marriage. As a consequence, Father Francesco Fragiacomo, the parish-priest, wrote in his parish-bulletin that Christians are obliged to follow the family model indicated by Christ and asked di Just to leave his post.

The Scout troop refused to let di Just go and Father Fragiacomo’s assistant priest, Father Eugenio Biasiol, the chaplain of the troop, even was present at the pseudo-marriage.

Finally, after a long silence, local Archbishop Carlo Roberto Maria Redaelli of Gorizia produced an opaque message recommending not to trust in “Manichean and ready-made laws” but rather in “discernment”. A local group of militant homosexuals agreed with him. [According to the text of the Archbishop’s reply in Settimana News, His Excellency dishonestly and evasively appeals to a writing of the late liberal Jesuit Cardinal of Milan, Carlo Maria Martini (not entirely applicable to the situation) and to the sections of FrankenPope’s Amoris Laetitia that undermine the principles of objective morality.]

On July 17 Father Fragiacomo asked his archbishop to make understandable statements, “This is not a provocation but a necessary requirement of clarity necessary for our service and communion”, Fragiacomo explained.

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