New Hong Kong bishop’s cross removal and underground Catholic Church comments spark anger

New Hong Kong bishop’s cross removal [and underground Catholic Church] comments spark anger

Bishop Michael Yeung of Hong Kong meets the press on Aug. 2. Bishop Yeung has upset some over his remarks on cross removals and the underground Catholic Church in China.

[The new Hong Kong bishop follows the NewVatican Ostpolitik towards the Communists in China] reporter
Hong Kong, China
August 4, 2017

Christians in mainland China were enraged by remarks on the cross-removal campaign that the new bishop of Hong Kong made in a press conference, just as news broke that a dozen church crosses had been removed or received notification for removal in central Jiangxi province recently.

Bishop Michael Yeung, in his first press conference as head of Hong Kong Diocese, also gave only qualified support to China’s repressed underground Catholic Church and admitted he would never stand up to Beijing.

When asked about the cross-removal campaign by China’s ruling Communist Party in Christian-heavy Zhejiang province between 2013 and 2016, Bishop Yeung said it was just a local issue at the very beginning but later involved many political elements which made it complicated. [The Hong Kong Free Press headlines it as New Hong Kong bishop says forced removal of crosses in China may be because of building safety and reports His Excellency’s words implying that he would not oppose removal of the crosses at his cathedral if they did not comply with building safety regulations or “if they are an illegal structure and the government has to remove them, I can’t say we are always right.”]

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