Catho-Communists and Revolution

Alberto Melloni and his Bologna School raising eyebrows over giant grants

by Juliana Freitag • ChurchMilitant • July 31, 2017

The John XXIII Foundation for Religious Sciences, headquarters of the liberal Bologna School — the intellectual powerhouse behind the “hermeneutics of rupture” (the interpretation of Vatican II responsible for the Church’s current state of chaos), seems to be benefiting from Alberto Melloni’s acquaintances in the government.

The militant historian and director of the institute is conveniently close to people in power. The Italian Democratic Party is swarmed with adepts of what Italians call “Catho-Communism,” a hybrid of ultra-liberal ideas and Catholicism that was allowed to thrive, owing to the worldwide spread of the Bologna School.

Melloni’s proximity to those in the Vatican and to those in parliament hints at the nefarious web of connections between Italian politicians and Churchmen who share the same goal: revolution in the Church.

The Bologna School’s relationship with power goes way back, but lately, the excessive camaraderie has started to raise suspicions. Last week, the region of Emilia-Romagna directed 1.5 million euros to the foundation — a stunning amount, considering the region’s other 12 research institutions are sharing a mere 500,000 euros. This favoritism towards the organization is so obvious it’s even creating animosity from Italy’s Democratic Party (PD).

“It’s not meritocratic that the John XXIII Foundation alone receives 1.5 million,” complained Dario de Lucia, a PD city councilor. “Father Giuseppe Dossetti [founder of the Foundation and a key figure at Vatican II] always preached on giving to the poor, not behaving like this.”

Silvia Prodi, who recently left the PD to form her own party, called the grant “unjustifiable.” She also accused the Bologna School of “having a problem with transparency.” Considering that Silvia Prodi is the niece of former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, a friend and admirer of Fr. Dossetti and who used to be a member of the John XXIII Foundation’s Board of Auditors, it’s likely that Silvia Prodi may have enough information to substantiate her statement.

Last April, Melloni’s institute was also under scrutiny for receiving 250,000 euros from a private Bologna bank, Carisbo, where Melloni is a member of the administrative board. The historian, constantly concerned with the poor, is an admirer of Liberation Theology (which he sees “personalized in Pope Francis”) and declared that he “did not see any conflict of interest” and didn’t seem to mind the fact that other board members publicly objected to the grant. As the unwritten rule of the Left goes, no funding is ever off-limits for the spokesmen of the poor and the oppressed.

At the end of 2015, La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana began to publish a series of reports with the details of an investigation regarding the approval of a bill of the Italian Ministry of Education that would hand out 3 million euros for “Religious Sciences Research Infrastructures.” Given that Alberto Melloni was an advisor to then-Minister of Education Stefania Giannini, should we be astonished that of all centuries-old Catholic institutions in Italy, the foundation was the one chosen to receive the supergrant?

The Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE), which works closely with the Ministry of Education, is unaware of the existence of the term “Religious Sciences Research Infrastructures.” The only other time this nomenclature has ever been used was in 2014, when the Ministry of Education granted 400,000 euros to the John XXIII Foundation, which means they are the sole “Religious Sciences Research Infrastructure.” If being “recognized as a Religious Sciences Research Infrastructure” was an indispensable condition to access the call, does that mean this project was custom-made for Melloni’s institution? The Ministry of Education never replied to La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana’s questioning of what and who officially defines a “Religious Sciences Research Infrastructure.”

The cherry on this cake of coincidences is the fact that a member of the Ministry of Education’s judging committee for the grant was Vincenzo Pacillo, professor of Canon Law at the University of Reggio-Modena — the same university where Melloni currently teaches History of Christianity. The two have been seen together on more than one occasion, including an appearance on a national radio show for a discussion on religious liberty.

Melloni recently weighed in on close friend Antonio Spadaro’s controversial and highly criticized article on American Catholicism (which targeted Church Militant as an allegedly ultraconservative, rightwing outfit), affirming in La Repubblica that the Vatican Secreteriat of State himself vetted and approved Spadaro’s hypocritical babble. Melloni also accused so-called American “Catholic integralists” (a term used by Spadaro to attack orthodox Catholics) of “willing to provide the powerful with good works according to the market price.”

We wonder when La Civiltà Cattolica and Melloni himself will call down Catho-Communists for their manipulation of Christian symbols to impose an ultraliberal agenda — with the unapologetic use of public funds.

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