A Call to Action

Last Sunday. our priest made a Call to Action for those in attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass saying in effect: “We are in a War and we must act in accord with our Confirmation mandate to be Christian soldiers in light of what is happening to the Church these days.” He went on to say it’s not enough to merely attend Mass and receive the sacraments because the Church hierarchy has failed, largely, to answer the “Call to Battle” He recalled Cardinal Oddi (RIP) once telling him that everything he was doing was right but he couldn’t say so publicly because the rest of the cardinals would attack him. Those who recall Cardinal Oddi would know that he was one of the most conservative of the modern-day cardinals of the post Vatican II church. He went on to say that many of these cardinals visit their website regularly but remain silent during this widespead apostasy.

What can we do? Speak the truth and invite all our friends to see and hear the real Church in action at this little nugget of Catholicism at servi.org – one of the few places that exist these days where the true Faith is practiced. So here is my call, folks. If you want to save your soul and be welcomed into the loving arms of our Beloved Savior at your passing, go to their website at servi.org or visit their Chapel in person in Colorado Springs. God bless and keep you all. (You may also want to visit my website at phaley.faithweb.com for a little history on this group that the local hierarchy will tell you “are not in good standing.”)

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  1. Another thought for the clergymen in today’s church: “Are you serving God or yourself?” We see so many that are out to aggrandize themselves and leave the sheep to be eaten by the wolves. The question must be asked; the times demand it.

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