Vatican Secretary of State: too soon to assess Trump presidency

Vatican Secretary of State: too soon to assess Trump presidency

[An attempt to “soothe the waters” after “muddying” them with the Spadaro-Figueroa Civilta Cattolica article?]

Catholic World News – July 28, 2017

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, said that it is premature to assess the Trump presidency.

The administration is “so different and unique” that it needs “time to find its own balance,” the prelate said in an interview with Il Regno.

“Time is needed to judge; you cannot be in a rush,” he said. “Any judgment now is hurried, even if sometimes the show of uncertainty itself can surprise.”

Cardinal Parolin spoke of the importance of combating climate change and poverty and said that “reducing global warming means saving the common home in which we all live, and reducing the inequalities and poverty that the warming of the planet continues to produce.”

The prelate, who will visit Russia in a month, also discussed the importance of dialogue between Russia and the West:

The effort to understand each other does not mean the yielding of one to the position of the other. It is rather a patient, constructive, frank, and at the same time, respectful dialogue.

Reference: Russia, West must settle differences to achieve peace, cardinal says (CNS)

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