Can it Be True? Do We Actually Have a President with Common Sense?

Can it Be True? Do We Actually Have a President with Common Sense?

Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer on WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 2017

Trump bans transgender people from the U.S. military

The purpose of the military is to protect and defend the United States, not to provide a laboratory for social engineers.

God bless, President Trump. One more reason to be glad I voted for him last November.

And then there are these other actions that deserve kudos:

On abortion:

~Reinstating the Mexico City policy that bans federal funds for foreign abortions
naming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
~overturning the Obama regulation preventing states from defunding Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the U.S.
~defunding the U.N. Population Fund

On immigration:

~instituting a limited ban on immigration from terrorist countries to increase our safety
~respecting our border agents and having their backs — the illegal invasion along the Mexican border is down 70%

On the environment:

~increasing opportunities for energy exploration
~pulling out of the Paris climate accord based on man-made global warming hysteria

On the military:

~banning transgenders
~rising morale in the military because of Trump’s strong support — Can anyone ~imagine him sleeping through Benghazi?
~committed to improving care for our veterans

On the bloated federal bureaucracy:

~has frozen hiring with limited exceptions
~has required agencies to eliminate two rules for every new one they want to implement

N.B. This has the potential advantage of reducing the number of liberals in Northern Virginia which could impact our danger of becoming a blue state.

Welfare reform:

~require the able-bodied to work or volunteer to qualify for food stamps

Foreign affairs:

~some NATO members paying their fair share for their own defense
~Blockbuster Poland speech affirming values that made the West great

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