White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigns

Among the few faithful Catholics in the Trump administration

[Replaced by pro-sodomite, pro-abort, pro-tranny “Catholic” venture (or vulture?) capitalist (see LifeSiteNews article in comment below)]

by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D. • ChurchMilitant • July 21, 2017

WASHINGTON – White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced his resignation Friday morning, after he expressed vigorous disagreement with President Trump’s decision to appoint Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci to the post of communications director — a post previously rumored to have been Spicer’s.

According to The New York Times, an inside source in the administration says Trump had offered Scaramucci the position at 10 a.m. ET. Although the president asked that Spicer remain, Spicer refused after saying the appointment was a major mistake.

It’s said Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus were caught by surprise by Spicer’s resignation.

At a White House press briefing Friday afternoon, Scaramucci announced Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be the new press secretary.

Spicer was among the handful of faithful Catholics in the White House, once mocked for wearing the traditional ashes on his forehead for Ash Wednesday during a CNN appearance.

And in a January 3 interview with EWTN, Spicer assured the American people that faith would play a significant part in helping shape policy in the Trump administration.

“There’s a lot of folks in the senior ranks of this administration who are very proud of their faith and their religion,” he said, “and it’s going to help guide us do the right thing for this country.”

“I’m going to look to God every day to give me the strength to do what’s right,” Spicer said of his new role as press secretary. “That’s all you can ask for is to get up and to say ‘Can I do the right thing?’ Help guide me and ask Him for strength.”

“We don’t know what God’s plan is at any time,” he added, “but we know that He has one for each of us, and I’m honored that He’s chosen me to be part of this adminstration, and serve this nation hopefully to make it a better place.”

Scaramucci, an Italian Catholic, is replacing Mike Dubke, who resigned in May. Spicer had been handling Dubke’s role since that time. Scaramucci is founder of SkyBridge Capital, a global investment firm.

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  1. Meet Trump’s new [“Catholic”] pro-gay, pro-abortion [pro-transgender, hedge-fund venture (or vulture?) capitalist] communications director

    Peter LaBarbera

    July 25, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — President Trump’s new White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, described himself as “pro-choice” on abortion and a “gay activist” who has boasted about giving money to the world’s most powerful LGBTQ lobby, Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

    In 2012, Scaramucci, a Wall Street insider and the chairman of the global hedge fund investment firm SkyBridge Capital, tweeted, “I am not a partisan. For Gay Marriage, against the death penalty, and Pro Choice. I am for social inclusion, fiscal responsibility.”

    He told the BBC in a November 2016 interview after Trump’s surprising victory, “I’m also a gay rights activist. … I’ve given to the [pro-“gay” Republican] American Unity PAC … to the Human Rights Campaign, I’m for … marriage equality.” The latter is the LGBTQ activist euphemism for legal homosexual “marriage.”

    HRC routinely demonizes its pro-family opponents as “haters” and irrational bigots.

    Brags about ‘gay’ record

    As LifeSiteNews reported, in the same November BBC interview Scaramucci was so enthusiastic in touting his pro-LGBT credentials and Trump’s non-ideological bent that he mistakenly claimed that “gay” pop star Elton John would be performing at Trump’s inaugural.

    He also falsely claimed that Trump would be the first president to come into office as a “gay rights” supporter — a ludicrous assertion that ignores the strongly pro-“gay” presidencies of Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

    Scaramucci, a Catholic whose social positions divert from church teaching, formerly served on a Trump transition team and as director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs. His ascension as communications director (replacing Mike Dubke) coincides with the departure of Trump’s combative first press secretary, Sean Spicer.

    Like Trump, Scaramucci once donated to Democrats, reportedly including Obama, Hillary Clinton and New York Senator and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. He and his wife, Deidre, are the parents of one son and live in Manhattan.

    In an interview last weekend with Chris Wallace on Fox News, Scaramucci said his old tweets were a “total distraction,” New York magazine reported. So he is deleting some tweets critical of Trump or his policies.

    “When I made the decision to take this job, my politics and my political ideas do not matter at all,” Scaramucci told Wallace. “What matters is that I am supporting … subordinating all of that to the president’s agenda.”

    Pro-’transgender,’ too

    Scaramucci, a 2012 Mitt Romney mega-donor, last year invited “transgender” activist Bruce (“Caitlyn”) Jenner to speak at his annual SALT conference, which he describes as a “premier thought leadership and global investment forum” for fellow hedge-fund investors. Jenner, a Republican, is pushing the GOP to be more LGBT affirming.

    “We don’t want to be on the wrong side of history,” Scaramucci told the Huffington Post last April, using liberal rhetoric to explain why SkyBridge gives to LGBT groups.

    Robert Oscar Lopez, the director of Mass Resistance Texas, a pro-family group, said President Trump will get himself into trouble if he follows Scaramucci’s lead on social issues.

    “Trump should not be catering to pro-gay or pro-choice libertarians,” Lopez told LifeSiteNews. “These folks didn’t elect Trump. It was the Christians who elected Trump.”

    As a Republican candidate, Trump promised conservative evangelical voters that he would appoint judges who support reversing the “shocking” 2015 Obergefell homosexual “marriage” ruling by sending it back to the states to be decided.

    But shortly after winning the election, Trump disappointed conservatives by telling 60 Minutes that national same-sex “marriage” is “settled law.” In contrast, Trump’s strong record against abortion has led to widespread praise from pro-life groups.

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