Rome Without Water – the Culprit: Donald Trump

Rome Without Water – the Culprit: Donald Trump

[The Donald will now be the scapegoat for any current environmental problem (large or small), because he pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement]

In Rome, water rationing has been introduced. The water will be cut off for eight hours rotating in different parts of the city, including hospitals and firefighters. Responsible for the measure is Lazio governor Nicola Zingaretti, a former communist. Lazio is the region surrounding Rome. According to Zingaretti this situation is “a consequence of global warming” and of Donald Trump who left the Paris Climate Agreement.

Zingaretti failed to mention that the outdated Roman aqueducts lose about 45% of the transported water on the way. Further, 79% of the available water is used by farming. 60% of this amount is wasted because of outdated systems of irrigation.

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  1. What are the most serious problems in Italy (and the rest of Europe)?
    Hint: they are not caused by Trump or conservative Christians in the U.S.

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