Cardinal Müller, “I do not understand why there is no dialogue”

Cardinal Müller, “I do not understand why there is no dialogue”

In an interview with Il Foglio the fired Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller stresses that he has always been loyal to Pope Francis, “This was never a loyalty reduced to mere adulation.”

Asked about pro-gay Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn who declared that his position on Amoris Laetita contradicts the position taken by Müller, he replies, “It may be that Cardinal Schönborn has an opposite view of mine, but his view may also oppose the one he had before he changed his mind.”

About the refusal of Pope Francis to dialogue with the Dubia cardinals Müller says, “I do not understand why there is no dialogue with calm and serenity.” He adds, “To this day, I have only heard ranting and offenses against these cardinals. But this is neither the way nor the tone to go on.” And, “We bishops have the right, I would say, the divine right to discuss openly.”

Without mentioning the name, Cardinal Müller criticizes Francis’ passion for the environment, “We have many lay-people who are competent in this field”, he says, “Jesus did not entrust the secular government of the world to the apostles. The prince-bishops existed centuries ago, and they were not good for the Church.”

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